Tested On:1.16 (Nether Update).
Minecraft Edition:Java
Biomes:Snowy Tundra, Snowy Taiga, Frozen River, Beach, Ocean, Savannah, Mushroom Island.
Natural Structures:Caves, Ravine.
Generated Structures:Village, Igloo, Ruined Portal, Shipwreck, Ocean Monument.
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).
yada yada yada Description:

In this seed, you will spawn in Snow Tundra where you can find 2 Snow Villages, an Igloo, and a Ruined Portal. If you go straight to the west from the starting point, you will reach Mushroom Island.

In that area, you can find Ocean Monument, Ruined Portal #2, Shipwreck #2, and if you go a little to the south from Ocean Monument, you can find Savannah Village. There are a LOT of generated structures in this seed. See all the details about that below.

I will continue to update this seed if a new version of Minecraft coming out. So stay tuned if you are interested in this seed.

XYZ Big, Coordinates:

World Spawn Point XYZ: 8.500 75.00000 6.500
*may not accurate

Snow Village #1 XYZ: 377.527 64.93750 198.835

Igloo XYZ: 67.459 69.00000 303.347

Snow Village #2 XYZ: -228.451 70.93750 266.558

Ruined Portal XYZ: -396.247 70.50000 132.615

Shipwreck XYZ: -603.914 60.00000 109.516

Mushroom Island XYZ: -758.229 65.00000 32.510

Ruined Portal #2 XYZ: -1017.626 65.00000 36.316

Ocean Monument XYZ: -863.434 61.00000 158.653

Savannah Village XYZ: -731.653 64.93750 357.500

Shipwreck #2 XYZ: -1023.346 64.00000 191.490

important notes Important Notes & Reminders:

The Igloo has a chamber room underneath.

You just need to go straight to the west to reach Mushroom Island.

You spawn on Snow Tundra.

The Shipwreck #1 is half-buried.

Ruined Portal #2 is located at Mushroom Island.

village data Village Data:

There are 14 buildings in Snow Village #1.
Villager jobs at the Snow Village #1: Weaponsmith(2x), Fletcher, Armorer(2x), Butcher, and Farmer(2x).
*Counted based on how many job site blocks.

There are 13 buildings in Snow Village #1.
Villager jobs at the Snow Village #1: Armorer and Farmer.
*Counted based on how many job site blocks.

There are 11 buildings in the Savannah Village.
Villager jobs at the Savannah Village: Cleric(2x), Weaponsmith, Leatherworker(4x), Cartographer, Stonemason, and Librarian.
*Counted based on how many job site blocks.

screenshots Screenshots:
Structure Map that shows the location of Generated Structures

The Structure Map. It shows the location of each Generated Structures.

Ocean Monument near Mushroom Island

The Ocean Monument near the Mushroom Island.

Snow Village Minecraft

Snow Village #2.

Mushroom Island Map

The Map of the Mushroom Island. It’s used to observe the Island.

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