3 Villages with 3x Cartographer, Pillager Outpost, and Stronghold

Tested On:1.15.2 (buzzy bees update)
Minecraft Edition:Java
Biomes:taiga, forest, plains, river, mountains, flower forest
Natural Structures:ravine, caves, lava pool
Generated Structures:village, pillager outpost, stronghold
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

This is the first java seed that has Stronghold on this website. In this seed, there are 3 Villages one of them is located near a Pillager Outpost. The 2 other Villages can be used as “point” to locate the Stronghold. See the details below, it has everything you need.

Update: I’ve added Village Data.


World spawn point XYZ: 6.215 69.00000 225.079
*may not accurate

Village #1 XYZ: 350.441 67.00000 266.041

Pillager Outpost XYZ: 142.158 69.00000 168.519

Village #2 XYZ: 599.021 71.00000 687.792

Village #3 (taiga) XYZ: 828.508 77.93750 1017.478

Stronghold XYZ: 916.402 64.00000 1604.477

End Portal XYZ: 916.462 39.00000 1568.419

Stronghold Library 1 XYZ: 859.540 33.00000 1617.044

Stronghold Library 2 XYZ: 856.562 43.00000 1635.472

Important Notes:

The village #1 and pillager outpost located in the east from your starting point.

Village #2 located in the southeast from village #1 and it’s populated.

The village #3 (taiga) located in the southeast from village #2

The stronghold located in the south from village #3 (taiga).

The stronghold has 2 libraries in it, make sure you check them both.

Village Data:

There are 14 buildings in Village #1

There are 18 buildings in Village #2

There are 14 buildings in Village #3

Villager jobs at Village #1: Cleric(2x), Farmer(3x), Stonemason, and Leatherworker(4x).

Villager jobs at Village #2: Weaponsmith, Cartographer(2x), Armorer(x3), and Farmer(2x).

Villager jobs at Village #3: Shepherd(2x), Butcher, Armorer, Weaponsmith(2x), and Leatherworker(2x).

*Counted based on how many job site blocks.


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