6 Diamonds Inside Ravine, 3 Villages, Pillager Outpost, and more

Tested On:1.14 (buzzy bees update)
Minecraft Edition:bedrock
Biomes:desert, river, plains, forest, jungle
Natural Structures:caves, ravine
Generated Structures:village, abandoned village, desert well, pillager outpost, jungle temple
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

This seed is kinda similar to the previous seed, where there are 6 diamonds inside a ravine. But this seed has many other generated structures. Such as desert village with a desert temple on it, pillager outpost, abandoned village, 2 other villages, and the jungle temple. It’s not very hard to find each individual generated structures. Your world spawn point will be next to the desert village with a desert temple on it.

Update: There is another Desert Temple located in the east from Abandoned Village. I also added Village Data.


World spawn point XYZ: 231 68 9
*may not accurate

Pillager outpost XYZ: 281 68 258

Diamonds ravine XYZ: 365 11 -53

Abandoned village XYZ: 126 69 -276

Village #1 XYZ: 662 63 4

Village #2 XYZ: -332 72 62

Jungle temple XYZ: 854 72 17

Bamboo forest XYZ: 1001 81 121

(New) Desert Temple #2 XYZ: 346 65 -352

Important Notes:

When you use this seed, you will spawn next to a desert village along with a desert temple.

Pillager outpost is pretty close to the desert village and it’s located in the south from your starting point/the desert village.

There are about 6 diamonds inside the ravine.

The abandoned village located in the north of the desert village.

Village #1 located in the east from the diamond ravine.

The jungle temple located in the east from the village #1.

Village #2 located in the west from your starting point.

Village Data:

There are 11 buildings in the Desert Village.

There are 11 buildings in Village #1.

There are 10 buildings in Village #2.

Villager jobs at the Desert Village: Farmer(4x), Cartographer, Leatherworker, and Stonemason.

Villager jobs at Village #1: Cleric, Armorer, Weaponsmith, Toolsmith, Librarian, and Farmer.

Villager jobs at Village #2: Fisherman, Cartographer(2x), and Cleric(2x).


desert temple and desert village pillager outpost and desert village 6 diamonds inside a ravine a village near a jungle temple

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