6 Shipwrecks, Ocean Ruin(s), Ocean Monument, and more

Tested On:1.14 (villager & pillager update), 1.15 (buzzy bees update)
Minecraft Edition:Java
Biomes:island, beach, ocean
Natural Structures:coral reefs, ravine
Generated Structures:dungeon, mineshaft, shipwreck, ocean ruin(s), ocean monument
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

This kind of seed is perfect for a player who wants to rule the land and underwater since you can get a lot of heart of the seas from buried treasure. You can find buried treasure from buried treasure map which you will get inside the shipwreck or ocean ruin chests. You can make a lot of conduits (underwater beacon) and there is also a mineshaft + dungeon beneath the island where you spawn.


World spawn point XYZ: -247.500 68.00000 249.500

*may not accurate

Shipwreck #1 XYZ: -203.512 49.00000 292.300

Shipwreck #2 XYZ: -253.505 58.00000 36.119

Shipwreck #3 XYZ: -489.476 36.00000 279.016

Shipwreck #4 XYZ: -251.416 39.00000 612.300

Shipwreck #5 XYZ: -155.401 34.00000 804.485

Shipwreck #6 XYZ: -684.700 56.00000 275.416

Ocean monument XYZ: -166.699 40.00000 751.955

Dungeon XYZ: -262.483 68.00000 269.456

Important Notes:

Shipwreck #1 is locating in the southeast from your starting point.

Shipwreck #2 is locating in the north of the island.

Shipwreck #3 is locating in the west from the island (there is an ocean ruin near it).

Shipwreck #4 is locating in the south from shipwreck #1.

Shipwreck #5 and ocean monument are locating in the southeast from shipwreck #4 (they both are adjacent).

Shipwreck #6 is locating in the west from shipwreck #3

The dungeon is directly connecting to the mineshaft.

The dungeon will disappear if you use this seed on the older version.


shipwreck and ocean ruin minecraft shipwreck minecraft ocean monument next to shipwreck

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