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Category: Coral Reefs Seeds [Bedrock]

Coral Reefs Minecraft

Coral Reef’s seeds for Bedrock only. All seeds have been updated to 1.16 (Nether Update).

Coral Reefs is underwater Natural Structure consists of colorful Corals, Sea Pickels, Kelp, and Seagrass. It’s the home of many Tropical Fishes and Pufferfish. Coral Reefs can be found at Warm Ocean (Part of the Ocean where the watercolor is light green and the Ocean floor is made of Sand).

Mushroom Island at sunset

Survival Island, Mushroom Island, and Ocean Ruins

Adjacent Pillager Outpost, Desert Temple, and Desert Village

Pillager Outpost next to Desert Village (with Desert Temple), Ruined Portal, and Jungle Temple

Desert Village in the morning

2 Desert Villages, Stronghold, and Ruined Portal

Ocean Monument with Dolphins swimming around

2 Ocean Monuments, 3 Ocean Ruins, and 4 Shipwrecks

Beach Desert Village

Populated Beach Desert Village, 2 Savanna Village, and More

Green Savannah Minecraft

Green Savanna, Village, Ocean Ruins, and Many More

Beach Village Minecraft

Beach Village, Desert Village, Coral Reefs, and More

Snow Village with Stronghold under it

Stronghold under Big Snow Village (with 40 houses!) and More

Minecraft Shipwreck

Triple Biomes, Mineshaft, Shipwreck, and Savanna Village

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