Seed: -5784892836527887548
Tested On:1.16 (Nether Update).
Minecraft Edition:Java
Biomes:Plains, Birch Forest, Forest, River, Swamp.
Natural Structures:Caves, Ravine, Lava Pool.
Generated Structures:Dungeon, Mineshaft, Village, Ruined Portal, Witch Hut.
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

This seed has an underground Ruined Portal, Dungeon, 2 Mineshafts, Village, and Witch Hut. Those generated structures are pretty close to your spawn point. When you play this seed you can either go to Village first or start mining at the Mineshaft nearby. Then visit the Dungeon. If you want to go the details of this seed, you just need to scroll down.

This is the first-ever seed that posted on this website btw. I will continue to update this seed if a new version of Minecraft coming out. So stay tuned if you are interested in this seed.

Update: I’ve updated this seed from 1.15 to 1.16. I also have added a structure map.


World spawn point XYZ: 166.500 79.00000 122.500
*may not accurate

Ruined Portal XYZ: 164.373 69.00000 212.300

Dungeon 1.16 XYZ: 194.532 69.00000 203.553

Mineshaft #1 XYZ: 158.409 70.00000 216.508

Mineshaft #2 XYZ: 427.064 68.00000 144.291

Witch Hut XYZ: 611.499 67.00000 320.376

Village coordinate XYZ: 364.678 63.93750 273.587

Important Notes:

When you use the Ruined Portal, Dungeon, or Mineshaft’s coordinate, you need to dig down.

Try to use this seed on spectator mode first.

All the generated structures locations are drawn in the structure map below.

Village Data:

There are 10 buildings in the Village.

Villager Jobs at the Village: Cleric, Fletcher, Toolsmith, Cartographer, and Farmer(3x)
*Counted based on how many job site blocks.


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