Mixed Biomes, 2 Villages and 2 Igloos

Tested On:1.15.2 (buzzy bees update)
Minecraft Edition:Java
Biomes:plains, river, roofed forest, tundra, birch forest, forest, mountains
Natural Structures:cave, ravine, lava pool
Generated Structures:village, igloo
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

When you use this seed, you will spawn in a Village (the first village). If you walk around, you can see that there are multiple different biomes around the village. If you go to the northwest, you can find a snowy Village (the second village). Near the snowy Village, there is an Igloo with a secret chamber under it. See the details below.

Update: I’ve added Village Data.


World spawn point XYZ: -236.500 63.00000 71.500
*may not accurate

Village #2 (snowy village) XYZ: -460.484 62.93750 -178.444

Igloo #1 XYZ: -364.518 70.00000 -224.810

Igloo #2 XYZ: -738.708 75.00000 -234.505

Important Notes:

You spawn at village #1.

Village #2 located in the northwest from your starting point.

The Igloo #1 has a secret chamber under it and Igloo #2 doesn’t.

The Igloo is pretty close to village #2.

The Igloo #2 located in the west from Village #2.

Village Data:

There are 8 buildings in the Village.

There are 17 buildings in the Snow Village.

Villager jobs at Village #1: Farmer, Armorer, and Stonemason.

Villager jobs at Village #2: Cleric, Stonemason, Cartographer, and Butcher.

*Counted based on how many job site blocks.


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