Tested On:1.16 (Nether Update).
Minecraft Edition:Java
Biomes:Island, Ocean, Beach, Mushroom Island, Tundra.
Natural Structures:Ravine.
Generated Structures:Ruined Portal.
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).
yada yada yada Description:

Like the title suggests, this seed comes with Mushroom Island, Ruined Portal, and Ocean Ruins. The Ocean Ruins are located next to Mushroom Island (they are adjacent). Mushroom Island is located in the southeast. It’s a little bit far but, considering how rare Mushroom Island is, is not that far. And there is also a Ruined Portal located at the edge of Snow Tundra in the southwest. See all details down below.

I will continue to update this seed if a new version of Minecraft coming out. So stay tuned if you are interested in this seed.

XYZ Big, Coordinates:

World Spawn Point XYZ: 223.500 66.00000 -38.500
*may not accurate

Ruined Portal XYZ: 43.649 64.00000 198.853

Ocean Ruins XYZ: 727.118 55.00000 73.818

Mushroom Island XYZ: 776.586 63.00000 132.773

important notes Important Notes & Reminders:

Mushroom Island is located in the southeast from the starting point.

See the location of the generated structures and biome at the structure map down below.

screenshots Screenshots:
Structure Map that shows the location of Generated Structures

The Structure Map. It shows the location of each Generated Structures.

Ruined Portal on Tundra

Ruined Portal. Located in the southwest from the starting point.

Minecraft Mushroom Island

A view of Mushroom Island.

Mushroom Island Map

The Map of the Mushroom Island. It’s used to observe the Island.

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