Tested On:1.16 (Nether Update).
Minecraft Edition:Java
Biomes:Beach, Forest, Jungle, Plains, Birch Forest.
Natural Structures:Caves, Ravine.
Generated Structures:Village, Shipwreck, Pillager Outpost, Mineshaft, Ruined Portal, Woodland Mansion.
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

This seed comes with Village, Shipwrecks, Pillager Outpost, Mineshaft, 2 Ruined Portals, and Woodland Mansion. The Woodland Mansion it’s a bit far though, but considering how rare it is. I don’t think it’s far. See the details down below.

I will continue to update this seed if a new version of Minecraft coming out. So stay tuned if you are interested in this seed.

Update: I’ve updated this seed from 1.15 to 1.16. I also have added a structure map.


World Spawn Point XYZ: -184.500 67.00000 158.500
*may not accurate

Pillager Outpost XYZ: -263.618 70.00000 83.108

Shipwreck XYZ: -170.997 58.00000 108.594

Village XYZ: -229.609 64.00000 268.729

Mineshaft XYZ: -410.458 64.00000 90.553

Ruined Portal #1 XYZ: -601.945 65.00000 112.621

Ruined Portal #2 XYZ: -1662.766 70.00000 -459.780

Woodland Mansion XYZ: -1969.866 65.50000 -462.429

Important Notes:

The Woodland Mansion is a bit far from the spawn point.

You need to dig down to reach the Mineshaft.

All the generated structures locations are drawn in the structure map below.

Village Data:

There are 7 buildings in the Village.

Villager jobs at the Village: Cartographer, Farmer(4x), and Librarian.
*counted based on how many job site blocks.


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