Tested On:1.16 (Nether Update).
Minecraft Edition:Bedrock
Biomes:Jungle, Desert, Beach, Ocean.
Natural Structures:Coral Reefs, Caves, Ravine.
Generated Structures:Jungle Temple, Ruined Portal, Village, Pillager Outpost, Desert Temple.
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).
yada yada yada Description:

In this seed, there is a Pillager Outpost generated right next to a Desert Village. The distance between the Pillager Outpost and the Desert Village is less than 10 blocks away. This is strangely weird because Pillager Outpost normally won’t generate that close to a Village.  Villagers at the Desert Village can be attacked at any time. You may want to watch out for that.

There is also a Desert Temple, buried next to the Desert Village. Some parts of the Desert Temple may look like Villager house, but it isn’t.

Other than those generated structures, there are Jungle Temple and Ruined Portal you can find nearby. See all the details about this seed down below.

I will continue to update this seed if a new version of Minecraft coming out. So stay tuned if you are interested in this seed.

XYZ Big, Coordinates:

World Spawn Point XYZ: 41 70 0
*may not accurate

Ruined Portal XYZ: 92 66 183

Desert Village XYZ: 147 66 480

Pillager Outpost XYZ: 82 73 487

Desert Temple XYZ: 139 74 538

Jungle Temple XYZ: 341 67 367

important notes Important Notes & Reminders:

Desert Temple, Desert Village, and Pillager Outpost are generated next to each other. That means, if you found one of them, you’d find the rest.

You spawn at Jungle Biome.

village data Village Data:

There are 11 buildings in the Desert Village.
Villager jobs at the Desert Village: Shepherd(4x), Farmer, and Cartographer.

screenshots Screenshots:
Structure Map that shows the location of Generated Structures

The Structure Map. It shows the location of each Generated Structures.

Pillager Outpost, Desert Temple, and Desert Village close to each other

Desert Temple (left), Desert Village (middle), and Pillager Outpost (right).

Jungle Temple Minecraft

The Jungle Temple.

Ruined Portal near River

The Ruined Portal.

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