Populated Beach Desert Village, 2 Savanna Village, and more

Tested On:1.14 (buzzy bees update)
Minecraft Edition:Bedrock
Biomes:desert, beach, ocean, savanna, river
Natural Structures:caves, ravine, coral reefs
Generated Structures:village, desert temple, desert well, dungeon, mineshaft, shipwreck
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

When you use this seed, you will spawn next to coral reefs and beehive. You can go to the northwest to go desert temple to collect its loot. After you’ve done you can go to the east to find the beach desert village. This village located on the beach and very populated, you can see the screenshot below to see how many villagers this village has. Don’t forget to check the shipwreck near this village too. There is also another village that populated too, you need to go to the east to find this village. This village is savanna village #1, under this village you can find dungeon and mineshaft connected. Use coordinate below, and start digging after you’ve teleported.

Update: I’ve found another Desert Temple and Desert Village with Stronghold under it. I also have added Village Data.


World spawn point XYZ: 263 65 0
*may not accurate

Beach desert village XYZ: 498 63 133

Shipwreck XYZ: 657 53 11

Savanna village #1 + dungeon + mineshaft XYZ: 920 68 120

Savanna village #2 XYZ: 1384 74 204

Desert temple #1 XYZ: 138 74 -344

(New) Desert temple #2 XYZ: 1866 69 -1

(New) Desert Village #2 XYZ: 1825 69 155

(New) Stronghold XYZ: 1826 70 164

(New) End Portal XYZ: 1865 35 130

(New) Library #1 XYZ: 1854 38 149

(New) Library #2 XYZ: 1850 28 160

Important Notes:

The beach desert village located in the southeast from your starting point.

The shipwreck located in the northeast from the beach desert village.

The savanna village #1 located in the east from the beach desert temple. Its coordinate is also coordinate for dungeon + mineshaft (jackpot!).

The savanna village #2 located in the east from savanna village #1.

The desert temple #1 located in the northwest from your starting point.

Desert Village #2 located in the east from Savanna Village #2.

Desert Temple #2 located in the north from Desert Village #2.

Village Data:

There are 25 buildings in the Desert Village #1.

There are 17 buildings in the Savanna Village #1.

There are 11 buildings in the Savanna Village #2.

There are 15 buildings in the Desert Village #2

Villager jobs at the Desert Village: Farmer(2x), Leatherworker(3x), Cartographer, Butcher, Armorer, Cleric, and Toolsmith.

Villager jobs at the Savanna Village #1: Fletcher, Librarian, Armorer, Weaponsmith(2x), Leatherworker(2x), and Farmer(4x).

Villager jobs at the Savanna Village #2: Toolsmith, Weaponsmith, and Armorer.

Villager jobs at the Desert Village #2: Stonemason(2x), Cartographer, Fletcher, Leatherworker, and Farmer(2x).

*Counted based on how many job site blocks.

This is the actual villagers (I’m not even used villager spawner).

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