Spawn at Large Badland (mesa)

Tested On:1.14 (villager & pillager update), 1.15 (buzzy bees update)
Minecraft Edition:Java
Biomes:badland (mesa), ocean, river, birch forest, roofed forest, beach
Natural Structures:caves, coral reefs
Generated Structures:mineshaft, ocean ruin(s), shipwreck
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

The best biome to find gold, abandoned mineshafts, terracotta, and red sand (?) yup Badland the only one. Use this seed on your Minecraft then prepare to respawn on a large badland (mesa). With tons of loots. There is also another thing beside this biome which is the coral reefs where you can find dozens of tropical fish. What are you waiting for? go ahead and try this seed or if you want to look for another seed feel free to do so!


World spawn point XYZ: 1.167 71.00000 1.645

*may not accurate

Mineshaft XYZ: 125.116 64.00000 -264.298

Coral reef XYZ: 493.405 179.39256 -405.701

“floating” Shipwreck XYZ: 884.044 66.00000 380.809

Important Notes:

You can find more than just 1, exposed mineshaft in this biome (obviously).

The shipwreck is locating in the southeast from your starting point.

The mineshaft is locating in the northeast from your starting point.

The coral reef is locating in the northeast from The mineshaft.

There is an ocean ruin next to shipwreck.

The “floating” shipwreck now no longer “floating” if you use this seed on 1.15


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