Woodland Mansion near Mountains

Woodland Mansion, Witch Hut, Village, and More

Tested On:1.16 (Nether Update).
Minecraft Edition:Java
Biomes:Forest, River, Taiga, Swamp, Mountains, Plains.
Natural Structures:Caves, Ravine.
Generated Structures:Village, Ruined Portal, Woodland Mansion, Witch Hut, Mineshaft.
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).
yada yada yada Description:

So far, this seed is the closest Woodland Mansion from the spawn point. It’s only about 825 blocks away. Which is considerably close to the spawn point compared to other Woodland Mansions in general.

Woodland Mansion coordinates Java

The usual location of Woodland Mansions in Minecraft Java Edition.

Other than that, there are also Village, Mineshaft, Ruined Portal, and Witch Hut. And they are located not far from one another. See the details down below.

I will continue to update this seed if a new version of Minecraft coming out. So stay tuned if you are interested in this seed.

XYZ Big, Coordinates:

World Spawn Point XYZ: -44.500 72.00000 61.500
*may not accurate

Village XYZ: 279.640 68.93750 149.452

Mineshaft XYZ: 330.474 66.00000 172.465

Ruined Portal XYZ: 370.233 64.00000 148.531

Witch Hut XYZ: 147.112 68.00000 339.302

Woodland Mansion XYZ: 639.635 68.50000 541.596

important notes Important Notes & Reminders:

This is the closest Woodland Mansion seed to Java. It’s only about 825 blocks away.

Make sure you explore all areas and rooms inside the Woodland Mansion.

village data Village Data:

There are 4 buildings in the Village.
Villager jobs at the Village: Cartography Table, and Leatherworke(4x).
*Counted based on how many job site blocks.

screenshots Screenshots:
Structure Map that shows the location of Generated Structures

The Structure Map. It shows the location of each Generated Structures.

Village, Ruined Portal, and Witch Hut

As you can see, 3 of them are adjacent to each other.

Minecraft Witch Hut

A view of the Witch Hut.

Ruined Portal near a Village

A view of the Ruined Portal facing the Village.

confuse Having a Problem With The Seed? Go see Help Page
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  1. karen

    uhm i cant exactly find it i moved 1000+blocks reset myself everytime after I marked my spawn point it doesn’t work 🙁

    • Dex

      Hello, Karen sorry for the trouble.

      Perhaps these tips can help you:

      1. Have you tried to teleport to the coordinate?
      For example, if you want to get to the Woodland Mansion type /tp 639.635 68.50000 541.596
      read the Help Page for more information.

      2. Check the seed, make sure you enter the right seed code. Also, don’t add space after the seed. Otherwise, it won’t work.

      3. Make sure you have the right Minecraft Edition. In this case, you need Minecraft Java Edition to use the seed. If you use Minecraft Bedrock, it won’t work.

      Hope your problem gets solved.

  2. Tayla

    Great looking website. Assume you did a grerat deal of your very own coding.

    • Dex

      Thanks for saying that Tayla, yes, I add some code myself to style this website.

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