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Village MinecraftVillage Seeds for Bedrock only. All seeds have updated to 1.16 (Nether Update).

Village and Stronghold + Mineshaft next to Spawn Point

Green Savannah Paradise, Big Desert Village, and More

2 Snow Villages, Stronghold, 2 Igloos, and More

Village near Green Savannah, Mineshaft + Diamonds, and More

Village near Pillager Outpost and Badland

Populated Beach Village, Stronghold, Mineshaft, and More

Woodland Mansion, Stronghold, Exposed Mineshaft, and More

Populated Beach Desert Village, 2 Savanna Village, and More

3 Villages, Pillager Outpost, Desert Temple and More

Complex Village Near Badland, Ocean Ruins, 2 Desert Temple, and More

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