Lookingforseed.com is a website where you can find Minecraft Tutorials, Guides, and Seeds for Bedrock and Java Edition. You can start by choosing the menu above or search what you’re looking for manually.

Below are some features Lookingforseed.com has to offer for the reader.

Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seeds for Bedrock and Java

Minecraft Seeds for Bedrock and Java

Minecraft Seeds in this website are presented with detailed information to help the readers understand what’s inside the Seed. 

This website also comes with various categories for Minecraft Seeds. Which will help the readers to search Seed they want.


There are only 2 Editions of Minecraft that this website cover for Seeds: Minecraft Java Editon and Minecraft Bedrock.

As of 23rd June 2020, Minecraft has been updated to 1.16 (Nether Update). Following this update, all Minecraft Seeds on this website also have been updated to 1.16.

Since Minecraft Seeds on this website always be updated. Readers can visit or even revisit this site at any given time.

If there is a problem regarding the Minecraft Seeds on this site, feel free to go to the Help Page.

Minecraft Tutorials and Guides

Minecraft Tutorials and Guides

Minecraft Tutorials and Guides.

Aside from Minecraft Seeds, this website also comes with Tutorials and Guides for Minecraft. Each Tutorial and Guide is provided with related and interactive images to improve the reader’s experience while reading.


All the Tutorials and Guides will remain reliable and can be visited at any given time. So, don’t hesitate to come back and re-read them.

Site Navigation and Subscription

For Desktop Users

On every page that Desktop users visit, there will be a sidebar on the right side of the screen and a menu below the site logo.

On the sidebar, Desktop users can use the Search Box to search Minecraft-related stuff. And Categories to jump between different pages.

Below the site logo, there is a menu. The menu contains:

  • Minecraft Tutorials and Guides (Showing the site’s latest posts for Tutorials and Guides)
  • Minecraft: Java Edition Seeds (Showing the latest Minecraft Java Seeds)
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Seeds (Showing the latest Minecraft Bedrock Seeds)
  • More (Contains pages like About & Terms of Use, Contact Us, Help, Privacy Policy, and Sitemap)

For Mobile Users (Tablet and Smartphone)

Mobile users have the same “look” as Desktop users. The only differences are:

  1. To access the menu, Mobile users need to click the icon.
  2. There is a Search Box shortcut right next to the site logo.
  3. The Sidebar is now located below the comment section of the post. You can still access it trough below the homepage too.


Lookingforseed.com Notification

Receive notification from Lookingforseed.com every time there is a new post.

Readers can subscribe to get the latest notification whether there is a new post right from their devices, and it’s free. Just click the red bell icon bottom right of the screen to start subscribing.

What if you’ve blocked it from receiving the notifications? 

Just click the red bell icon or click the lock menu next to the site URL in your browser. Select allow the notification.

The subscription service is powered by OneSignal.

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