Complex Village Near Badland, Ocean Ruins, 2 Desert Temple, and more

Tested On:1.14 (buzzy bees update)
Minecraft Edition:bedrock
Biomes:badland (mesa), birch forest, river, forest, beach, ocean
Natural Structures:caves, ravine, iceberg
Generated Structures:village, desert temple, ocean ruin(s), desert well
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

In this seed, you need to go to the north to find the village. In the village, you will found a lot of useful items for your survival. This village has many villagers which will be a good thing since more villagers = more various jobs. This village also has blacksmith (if you are lucky, you can find 3 diamonds inside the chest, like mine). There are also ocean ruins, abandoned desert village, and 2 desert temple. Be sure to check them out!

Update: I’ve added Village Data.


World spawn point XYZ: 603 64 2

*may not accurate

Village XYZ: 561 64 -313

Ocean ruins XYZ: 392 69 -575

Abandoned desert temple XYZ: 117 69 129

Desert temple #1 XYZ: 298 66 127

Desert temple #2 XYZ: 90 74 -472

Important Notes:

The village located in the north from your starting point.

The ocean ruins located in the northwest of the village.

The desert temple #2 located in the southwest from the ocean ruins.

The abandoned desert temple and desert temple #1 located in the southwest from your starting point.

Even though there is no villager at the abandoned desert village, you can still find some useful resources.

Village Data:

There are 18 buildings in the Village.

Villager jobs at the Village: Weaponsmith, Librarian, Leatherworker, Toolsmith, Cartographer, and Farmer(6x).

*Counted based on how many job site blocks.


abandoned desert village near a desert temple ocean ruins

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