Woodland Mansion, Stronghold, 8 Diamonds inside Ravine, and more

Tested On:1.14 (buzzy bees update)
Minecraft Edition:Bedrock
Biomes:forest, mountain, river, ocean
Natural Structures:caves, ravine, iceberg, lava pool
Generated Structures:village, abandoned village, mineshaft
*the number of biomes, natural structures, and generated structures will increase as you explore the world (obviously).

This seed has taiga village, abandoned taiga village, a ravine with an exposed mineshaft, and 8 diamonds. The taiga village located in the east and near the ravine. In the ravine, you can start mining some ores and even the diamonds. There are flower fields near taiga village too. This makes the bees make their nest near the village.
There up to 5 bee nest, you can find.

Update: I found another Village with Stronghold under it (it has 2 Dungeons inside it), I also found Woodland Mansion located near spawn! See the details below (Village Data also have added).


World spawn point XYZ: 571 69 8
*may not accurate

Ravine XYZ: 932 46 176

Diamonds XYZ: 948 11 174

Village XYZ: 1024 73 148

Abandoned village #1XYZ: 1396 69 133

Bee nest #1 XYZ: 1032 75 89

Bee nest #2 XYZ: 1070 80 105

Bee nest #3 XYZ: 1032 64 56

Bee nest #4 XYZ: 1038 67 44

Bee nest #5 XYZ: 1060 69 -18

(New) Stronghold XYZ: 1044 65 -302

(New) End Portal XYZ: 1070 41 -262

(New) Library #1 XYZ: 1082 44 -304

(New) Library #2 XYZ: 1077 38 -275

(New) Stronghold Dungeon #1 XYZ: 1065 38 -194

(New) Stronghold Dungeon #2 XYZ: 1057 26 -319

(New) Abandoned Village #2 XYZ: 535 66 -337

(New) Woodland Mansion XYZ: 543 67 -739

Important Notes:

The taiga village and the ravine located in the east from your starting point.

The abandoned village #1 located in the east from your starting point.

The Stronghold isn’t too deep from the surface.

The Abandoned Village #2 and the Woodland Mansion located in the north from your starting point (it’s pretty close!).

Village Data:

There are 11 buildings in the Taiga Village.

There are 10 buildings in the Village.

Villager jobs at the Village: Farmer(3x), Stonemason, Leatherworker, and Fisherman.

Villager jobs at the Taiga Village: Farmer(4x), Stonemason(2x), Weaponsmith(4x), Armorer(3x), and Shepherd(2x).

*Counted based on how many job site blocks.


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