Today, you will learn a lot about Bee in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Bee Head Minecraft

The Bee.

Bees Overview

A Bee flying around flowers

A Bee flying around.

Bees are new mobs that have added to Minecraft 1.14 (Bedrock) and 1.15 (Java). Bees are neutral mobs, which means Bees won’t attack you unless you disturb them. They will start to attack you if: you destroyed their nest, harvesting their nest, or you attacked them. 


Bee works in the colony, so if 1 Bee angry and attacks you, the rest of the Bees will follow.

You will get a poison effect if you attacked by Bees. This effect lasts based on your difficulty level. And after about 1 minute after Bee attacked you, the Bee will die.

Bee Nest on Birch Wood

A Bee Nest on Birch Wood.

Bees naturally live in Bee Nest, but you can move them into Beehive. Bee Nest generated in Plains, Forest, Flower Forest, and Birch Forest. Up to 3 Bees can live in 1 Bee Nest or Beehive.

Bees also considered Arthropods mobs. That means Bees can take damage from Bane of Arthropods enchantment. 

Just like Enderman, when Bees touch water, they get hurt.

Getting Honey From Bees

Harvesting Honey Minecraft

How to harvest honey from Bee Nest or Bee Hive.

Just like in the real world, you can also get Honey from Bees in Minecraft. 


To get Honey, you need an empty Bottle and a Campfire. After that, try to find a full Bee Nest or Beehive. Place the Campfire under it and click it while holding an empty Bottle. The Bees inside the Hive/Nest will attack if you’re not placing a Campfire.

honey bottle


You can drink the Honey to remove the Poison effect. It also fills 3 Hunger Bars.



Honeycomb is another item you can get from Bee Nest or Beehive besides Honey. It used to craft Beehive. To get it, use Shears on full Bee Nest or Beehive.

Bees Behavior

Bee pollinating crops

A Bee pollinating crops.

Bees come out from Bee Nest or Beehive every day to collect pollen from flowers. 

It takes 30 seconds for a Bee to collect pollen from a flower, and they return to their nest to fill it up.

They will return to their nest when it rains or night.


Bees also can pollinate crops. When Bees collected pollen, they will start dropping pollen particles. These particles can advance crop growth. Watch the video below to see how a Bee pollinates crops.

This is how Bee pollinates crops.

Breeding Bees

Two Bees flying next to each other

Two Bees ready to breed.

To breed Bees, you can use any type of flowers, including Wither Rose. Bees will rest on the ground when you hold a flower, which makes breeding Bees easier.

Click each Bee with your flower (make sure you see love particles for each Bee) and wait for a second.

So that’s pretty much anything you need to know about Bee in Minecraft. Also, check the Minecraft Bee Farming Tips. And, be sure to see another Mob Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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