Are you getting confused about Minecraft Bee Farming? Well, this post might help. But before you read, make sure you understand Bees in Minecraft

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So, Here Are The Minecraft Bee Farming Tips

1. Don’t Destroy Bee Nest You Found In The Wild (Just Yet)

Bee Nest

Bee Nest.

Bee Nest can produce Honeycombs. Which you can use to craft Beehive later for their future home. Make sure you farm Honeycombs as much as you can and then craft Beehives.

Also, destroying a Bee Nest can make them angry and attack you and if you’ve attacked, they will die (in case you don’t set a Campfire). Even if you do, they will wander around, and eventually, you will be lost them.


There are some conditions, where you can destroy their nest:

  1. You have a Silk Touch enchanted item to destroy their nest (while all Bees inside). Just in case you don’t know, destroying Bee Nest (while all Bees inside) using a Silk Touch item can be used to move Bee Nest entirely and safely. 
  2. The Bee Nest is empty.

2. Learn How to Move a Bee from Bee Nest to Beehive

Moving Bee into Beehive

Moving Bee into the Beehive.

It’s a proper way to use Beehive instead of Bee Nest when it comes to Bee Farming. 

If you don’t know how to move a Bee from its nest into your crafted Beehive:

Use Lead on a Bee or a Flower to attract and bring it to your Beehive. But there are some things you should know:

  1. If the Bee hasn’t collect pollen, the Bee will enter the Beehive when it rains or night. 
  2. If the Bee has collected pollen, it will come into the Beehive directly.
  3. Tied a Bee into a fence next to a Beehive, it takes a bit longer for a Bee to come in, compared 2 Methods above. Even when it rains or at night.

3. Provide Flowers for The Bees

Bees surrounding Flowers

Bees collecting pollen from Flowers.

Your Bee Farm will be useless without Flowers. Providing Flowers for the Bees increases efficiency and it’s time-saving for the Bees. Make sure your flower is reachable for the Bees. About 15 – 20 blocks away from the Beehives. You will know the reason why it should be that far.

4. Arrange Your Beehive to Your Crops

This is how Bee pollinates crops.

To get the maximum potential of Bees, make sure your Bees passing by your Crops while collecting pollen from your provided Flowers. 


Bees can pollinate Crops, which means Bees can advance their growth and this is the reason why you should place Flowers about 15 – 20 blocks away from the Beehives. And fill the “gap” with your Crops. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Take Water Away From Your Bees or At Least Cover It Up

Don't let Bee touches water

Don’t let Bee touches the water.

Make sure there is no water near Beehives. Bees can get hurt when touching the water (just like Enderman and Strider). You don’t want your Bees to get hurt or even die.

If you have water in your Crops, make sure you cover it up with Slabs or Trapdoors just for the Bee’s safety.

6. Always Place a Campfire Under a Bee Nest or Beehive

Bees will attack you if: you destroy their nest, harvesting their nest, or you attack them. You don’t want your Bees to die/angry at you. Even if you have crafted Beehive for your Bees and Provide Flowers for them, they will still attack you if you harvest their nest without a Campfire.


Therefore you need to set a Campfire under their nest to calm them down.

Just like in the real-world, Beekeeper uses smoke to calm the honey Bees.

But, you’re going to make sure that the Campfire is covered. You don’t want your Bees to get hurt or even die because of it. 

However, you can’t cover a Campfire on Bedrock. Somehow it has “better” physics than the Java Edition of Minecraft. See, images below:

Campfires smoke on Java

Campfires smoke on Java.

Campfires smoke on Bedrock

Campfires smoke on Bedrock.

As you can see, Campfire’s smoke can’t be passing through the Carpet, Trapdoor, and Slab in Bedrock. Therefore I suggest covering the Campfire from side by side instead of from the top if you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock.

7. Build/Design Your Bee Farm Like a Room

Bee Farm Minecraft

Inside my Bee Farm.

It’s optional but recommended. Bees sometimes wander around even there are Flowers right in front of them


So, to prevent this, build your Bee Farm like a room. Make sure the Bees can’t escape. Bees will no longer fly around. The Bees also work faster. I also recommend placing your Crops farm inside.

8. Use the Campfire(s) to Cook Your Food

Cooking Food with Campfire

Cook your Food Items with the Campfires.

While you use the Campfire to calm the Bees, don’t forget that you also can use it to Cook your Food Items. Don’t make your Campfire(s) useless, maximize the usage.

9. Use Silk Touch Enchanted Item to Move the Bee Nest/Beehive Safely

Moving Bee entirely with Silk Touch Enchanted item

Moving Bee entirely with Silk Touch Enchanted item.

As I said before, using the Silk Touch item to break the Bee Nest/Beehive while the Bees inside can be kept Bees safely. So, that would make your Bee Nest/Beehive like a Poké Ball.


It can be helpful when you try to redecorate your Bee Farm.

Destroying their nest while Bees outside can be a “disaster” so, try to destroy their nest when it’s rain or night.

I hope this post helps you to learn about Minecraft Bee Farming. For more guides like this, see Tutorials and Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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