Today, you will learn how to craft and use Cauldron in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Cauldron Overview

Cauldron in Minecraft

The Cauldron.

The Cauldron is 1 of the 13 job site blocks Villagers use to work. A Villager who works with Cauldron is called Leatherworker.

Naturally Generated Cauldrons

All Naturally Generated Cauldrons. Village Tannery | Witch Hut | Igloo’s Chamber Room | Woodland Mansion Prison.

Cauldron generates naturally inside the Witch Hut, Igloo’s chamber room, Woodland Mansion, and Village Tannery.

The Cauldron is an item that players can use as a container (mostly for liquid). Depending on Minecraft Edition player using, Cauldron can be used to:

  • In Minecraft Java Edition

In Minecraft Java Edition, Cauldron can be used to hold Water, Lava, and Snow Powder. 

*holding Lava and Snow Powder is an upcoming feature come to the next Minecraft Update for Java, 1.17 (Caves & Cliffs Update).

When Cauldron holds Water, it can be used to remove Dye color from Dyed-Shulker Boxes, and Dyed-Leather Armor. Or to remove Pattern(s) from a Banner.

  • In Minecraft Bedrock

In Bedrock, Cauldron shares the same purpose, just like in Minecraft Java Edition. But there are some differences:

  1. Players can give color to Water inside the Cauldron using Dyes.
  2. The Colored Water then can be used to coloring the Leather Armor.
  3. The Cauldron cannot hold Lava and Snow Powder.
  4. Players can store 1 type of Potion in Cauldron.
  5. Players can make Tipped Arrows using Potion inside the Cauldron.

The Water inside the Cauldron can be picked up using an Empty Bottle (3×) or using an Empty Bucket. 

If the Cauldron is placed outside during rain or snowfall, Cauldron will collect Water or Snow Powder (Java).

The Cauldron can be placed inside the Nether while holding Water too.

How to Craft a Cauldron

Crafting a Cauldron

Crafting a Cauldron.

To craft a Cauldron, you need 7 Iron Ingots. Arrange the Iron Ingots like the U letter.

Things You Can Do with the Cauldron 

Below are the tutorials on how to use Cauldron. Depending on the usage and Minecraft Edition. 

How to Use Cauldron to Remove Color from Dyed-Leather Armor, Dyed-Shulker Boxes, or Pattern(s) from Banner (Bedrock & Java)

Removing Color from Dyed-Leather Armor, Banner with Pattern, and Dyed-Shulker Box.

1. Fill the Cauldron with Water 

To do this, click the Cauldron either with a Water Bucket or 3 Water Bottles.

Note: If you use Watter Bottles, you don’t need the Water to be full to remove the color or pattern(s). But less amount of Water means less item to clean.


2. Prepare What Item You Want to Clean

After there is Water inside the Cauldron, you can start using it by clicking the Cauldron while holding the item.


1. Every time you use Cauldron to remove color or Patterns, it decreases the Water level by 1.

2. A full Cauldron filled with Water is capable of cleaning 6 Items for Bedrock and 3 Items for Java. 

3. In Bedrock, colored Water can be used to remove a Pattern from a Banner.

How to Use Cauldron to Dye Leather Armor (Bedrock Only)

Dye Leather Armor using Cauldron.

1. Fill The Cauldron with Water

Click the Cauldron either with a Water Bucket or 3 Water Bottles.

Note: If you use Watter Bottles, you don’t need the Water to be full. But less amount of Water means less item to Dye.

2. Click the Cauldron while holding the Dye

Click the Cauldron using Dye, any Dye you want. Then, the color of the Water will change based on your Dye’s color.


3. Click the Colored Water while holding Leather Armor

Use either Leather Cap, Tunic, Pants, or Boots. Then, click the colored Water. 


  1. Coloring Armor only works with Leather Armor (including Leather Horse Armor).
  2. You can Dye Leather Armor 6 times (at the full level of Water).
  3. It may seem possible but, you can’t Dye Shulker Boxes. You can do it only through crafting.

How to Make Tipped Arrow using Cauldron (Bedrock Only)

Make Tipped Arrows using Cauldron.

1. Fill the Cauldron with a Potion

This Potion will later reflect what Tipped Arrow you get. To do this, click the Cauldron while holding the Potion. 3 Potions can make a full Cauldron.


2. Click the Cauldron while holding the Arrow.

You can either put it one by one Arrow or a full-stack of 64 Arrows at once. A full-stack at once is undoubtedly the best option.


  1. If you make Tipped Arrow one by one, you can only do it 4 times. Then, you have to re-fill the Cauldron again.
  2. To make Tipped Arrow for a full-stack 64 Arrows, the Cauldron must at the full level of Potion.

So that’s the tutorial about Cauldron in Minecraft. For more guides like this, see Tutorials and Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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