In today’s post, you will learn how to craft and use Composter in Minecraft.

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Composter Overview

Composter at a Crop Field (Farm)The Composter is 1 of the 13 job site blocks Villager used to work. A Villager who works with Composter is called Farmer. You can always find a Composter in the Crop field (farm) in a Village.

If there is an unemployed/jobless Villager stand near a Composter, it becomes a Farmer.

You can use Composter to make Bone Meals using food or plant items.

How to Craft a Composter

How to Craft a ComposterTo craft a Composter, you need 7 Wooden Slabs (you can use any types of Wooden Slabs).

How to use Composter

Before you use the Composter, it’s good to know how it works. So, I will try to explain a little bit about Composter. 

Composter uses food and plant items to compost it into a Bone Meal. You can’t just put 1 Carrot and expecting to get a Bone Meal that easy. Instead, you put it for a chance to get a “layer” or “floor” in the Composter.

Before you can get a Bone Meal, you need to fill the Composter with the layers you get from putting food or plant items. A full Composter consists of 7 Layers. See the animated image below.

Composter Minecraft

You can only collect the Bone Meal when a Composter is full (at 7 Layers), the texture also changed with white spots on the top.

To use the Composter, you need to click the Composter while holding food or plant items. To see what food or plant items you can use, see the table below.

Items That Can Be Used for Composter
Apple Cocoa Beans
Potato Cookie
Baked Potato Crimson Fungus
Bread Crimson Roots
Brown Mushroom Dried Kelp Block
Cactus Fern
Cake Large Fern
Carrot Any types of Flowers
Carved Pumpkin Grass
Hay Bale Kelp
Lilipad Any types of Leaves
Melon Seeds Brown Mushroom Block
Red Mushroom Red Mushroom Block
Melon Slice Melon
Mushroom Stem Nether Sprouts
Netherward Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Sea Pickle
Seaweed Seeds
Sugar Cane Pumpkin Seeds
Sweet Berry Warped Fungus
Warped Roots Weeping Vines
Wheat Twisting Vines
Tall Grass Vines

Food items that always give 1 Layer are Cake and Pumpkin Pie. But I don’t recommend you put those items in the Composter. It’s better to eat them to fill the Hunger Bars.

Also, no matter how many items you use for filling the Composter, you will always get 1 Bone Meal. So, it’s better not to use expensive items.

I hope this post helps you to understand Composter in Minecraft. If you want to know about other Job Site Blocks, go here.

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