Today you will learn how to craft and use Grindstone in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Grindstone Overview

Grindstone at the Blacksmith's house

A Grindstone at the Blacksmith’s house.

Grindstone is one of the 13 job site blocks that Villagers use to work. It can be used by the player to repair items and disenchant items (remove enchantment(s) of an item).

Grindstone used by Weaponsmith to do their work. You can always find Grindstone at the Blacksmith, where the Weaponsmith works. If an unemployed/jobless Villager standing near a Grindstone, the Villager will be transformed into Weaponsmith.

How to Craft a Grindstone

Crafting a Grindstone

Crafting a Grindstone.

To craft a Grindstone, you need 2 Sticks, 1 Stone Slabs, and 2 Wood Planks (you can use any types of Wood Planks to craft a Grindstone).

How to Repair an Item Using Grindstone

Repairing Item using Grindstone

Repairing Item using Grindstone.

To repair an item, simply put the damaged item into the first slot (the upper left slot). And another item (that has the same type) on the second slot (down left slot).

Note: Unlike Anvil, you can’t repair an item using the main material they made of. For example, you can’t repair a damaged Diamond Sword using a Diamond. You can only repair an item using another item that has the same type of damaged item.


Another thing to remember, Grindstone can’t be used to combine/give enchantment to an item.

So, when you try to repair a damaged Diamond Sword with an enchanted Diamond Sword, you won’t get the enchantment to your repaired Diamond Sword. The enchantment(s) will be removed, the Diamond Sword durability increased, and you will get little XP based on how many enchantments you have.

How to Remove/Disenchant an Item Using Grindstone

Removing enchantment of an item using Grindstone.

Removing Enchantment(s) of an Item using Grindstone.

To remove enchantment(s) from an item, simply put your item into the left slots (choose one). And then you can take the unenchanted version of your item.

Note: you can’t disenchant the Curse of Vanishing nor Curse of Binding enchantment.


Like I have mentioned above, you will get slight XP based on how many enchantments you have after you’ve removed the enchantment(s).



In most cases, you don’t need to remove the enchantment(s) of an item. Instead, it is good to keep it and combine it with other compatible enchantments to make your item(s) stronger.

Besides the amount of XP you get from disenchanting isn’t “good” anyway. And also, repair an item using another item is wasteful.


This doesn’t mean Grindstone is useless, Grindstone is still important to make a Villager becomes a Weaponsmith, so you can trade various items.

Well, That how you can craft and use Grindstone in Minecraft.  For more guides like this, see Tutorials and Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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