Smithing Table now usable in the latest Minecraft (Nether Update). And in today’s post, you will learn how to craft and use a Smithing Table.

Smithing Table Overview

smithing tableSmithing Table is one of the 13 job site blocks that villagers use to work. A villager who works with Smithing Table is called Toolsmith. You can always find Smithing Table inside the Toolsmith’s house.

You can use Smithing Table to upgrade your Diamond Items (Diamond Gear) into Netherite Items using Netherite Ingot. For example, you can upgrade your Diamond Sword into a Netherite Sword, Diamond Chestplate into Netherite Chestplate, and so on.

How to Craft a Smithing Table

Crafting a smithing table

To craft Smithing Table, you need 2 Iron Ingots and 4 Wood Planks (you can use any types of Wood Planks to craft Smithing Table).

How to Upgrade Your Item Using Smithing Table

Upgrading an item using Smithing Table

To upgrade an item, put your Diamond Item in the first slot (left slot) and place the Netherite Ingot on the second slot (right slot, where you can see the Netherite Ingot pattern). And you can take your upgraded item.

– It only takes 1 Netherite Ingot per item.
– Unlike Anvil, you don’t need XP to upgrade your items (it’s free of XP).
– Your item’s enchantment(s) won’t disappear after upgrading.

Smithing Table is useful, easy to use, and it’s cheap. It’s a great idea to upgrade your Diamond Items (Diamond Gear) into Netherite Since Netherite is stronger than Diamond and has better durability.

So that’s how you can craft and use Smithing Table in Minecraft.

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