Today, you will learn how to craft and use Lectern in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Lectern Overview 

Lectern inside Librarian's house

Inside the Librarian’s house.

The Lectern is one of the 13 job site blocks Villagers use to work. A Villager who works with Lectern is called Librarian. You can always find Lectern inside the Librarian’s house.


If there is an unemployed/jobless Villager near a Lectern, it will become a Librarian.

You can use Lectern to hold a Written Book. So that other players can read it together. Before Lectern was released, players need to read it individually.

How to Craft a Lectern

Crafting a Lectern

Crafting a Lectern.

To craft a Lectern, you need 1 Bookshelf and 4 Wood Slabs (you can use any types of Wood Slabs to craft a Lectern).

How to Use Lectern to Hold a Written Book

Steve and Alex using Lectern

Steve and Alex using Lectern.

Before you use the Lectern, make sure you have Written Book you want to place on the Lectern. To get Written Book, you need Book and Quill (you can craft a book and quill using a Book, an Ink sac, and a Feather.).

crafting book and quill

Crafting Book and Quill.

After you’ve crafted Book and Quill, you need to write something on it. You can fill it with rules, messages, or even a to-do list.

Write the Book and Quill

Write something on your Book and Quill.

After you’ve finished, you can start using the Lectern by placing the Lectern wherever you want. 

To use the Lectern, you need to click the Lectern while holding the Written Book in your hand.

Then, the Lectern’s interface will show up on the screen.


The Lectern’s interface is a bit different between Java Edition and the Bedrock version of Minecraft. In Bedrock, it shows 2 Pages at once but Java Edition only 1 Page.

Written Book UI Bedrock Side 1,

Lectern’s UI (left Bedrock, right Java)

So, that’s how you can craft and use Lectern in Minecraft. For more guides like this, see Tutorials and Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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