Today, you will learn how to find a Buried Treasure in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Buried Treasure Overview

Buried Treasure underwater

The Buried Treasure.

Buried Treasure is one of the generated structures in Minecraft. It is a Chest buried on the Beach and sometimes on the Ocean floor, that contains loots. Because Buried Treasure is only a Chest, it makes Buried Treasure the smallest generated structure in Minecraft right now.

buried treasure maps

Buried Treasure Map
Bedrock | Java

Due to its size, Buried Treasure is hard to find. The player needs to use the Buried Treasure Map to find it. Buried Treasure Map can be found either on Ocean Ruin(s) or Shipwreck’s Chest. 

Heart of the Sea inside a Chest

Heart of the Sea inside a Chest.

What makes Buried Treasure unique is that its loot always contains 1 Heart of The Sea. And Heart of The Sea can only be obtained through Buried Treasure.


How to Find Buried Treasure Map

Ocean Ruins and Shipwreck

Ocean Ruins | Shipwreck

Like what I mentioned earlier, the Player can get a Buried Treasure Map from either Ocean Ruin(s) or Shipwreck’s Chest. You can use Ocean Ruin(s) or Shipwreck seeds on this site to help you find the Buried Treasure Map.

You can go to the Beach or Ocean to find the Ocean Ruin(s) or Shipwreck. 


After you have reached the Ocean Ruin(s) or Shipwreck, try to find the Chest. Here are some things you need to know: 

  1. Most of the Ocean Ruin(s) Chests are buried, so you need to dig them out.
  2. Some Ocean Ruin may not have a chest at all.
  3. The maximum number of Chest in a Shipwreck is depending on how wrecked the Shipwreck is. You can get up to 3 Chests.
  4. Usually, you can find multiple Buried Treasure Maps from Ocean ruin(s) or Shipwreck’s Chest, and it leads to the same place.

How to Find a Buried Treasure Using its Map

After you have got the Buried Treasure Map, now it is time to open it. Now you can see the red X. Yes, that is where the Buried Treasure is located. 

Minecraft Bedrock Buried Treasure Map

The Buried Treasure Map.

You can navigate yourself by looking at the pointer on the Buried Treasure Map. If you are out of the map’s coverage. Try to walk around until you see the map rendered/discovered area near you.

After you have reached the place, start to dig down!

Tip to Find the Treasure 

Buried Treasure is the smallest generated structure (it is equal to one block!). It would be difficult to find it, even if you have the Buried Treasure Map with you (you may end up find it for an hour like me back in the day).


So here is my tip. Try to match the pointer of the map to the red X.

Like these:

Buried Treasure Map tips


Buried Treasure Map tips


Not like these:

Buried Treasure Map tips


Buried Treasure Map tips


So, I guess that is all the tutorials on how to find Buried Treasure in Minecraft. Be sure to check other Tutorials and Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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