Today, you will learn how to craft and use Loom in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Loom Overview

Loom inside Shepherd's house

Loom inside Shepherd’s house.

The Loom is 1 of the 13 job site blocks villagers use to work. A Villager who works with Loom is called a Shepherd. If there is an unemployed/jobless Villager standing near a Loom, it’ll become a Shepherd. You can always find Loom inside Shepherd’s house.


You can use Loom to apply colorful patterns to a Banner. All the details about that will be explained below.

How to Craft a Loom

Crafting a Loom in Minecraft

Crafting a Loom.

To craft a Loom, you need 2 Strings and 2 Wood Planks (you can use any types of Wood Planks to make a Loom).

How Loom Works

Loom UI Bedrock and Java

Loom UI. Right: Java | Left: Bedrock

Loom works when players put a Banner into the Banner Slot, Dye into the Dye Slot, and select a Basic Pattern from the Pattern Box. 

The Patterns’ color reflects the color of the Dye player using. 

Give a Banner some patterns

Give a Banner some Patterns.

Each Pattern can be stacked or layered up to 6 times. The new Pattern will overlap the old Pattern, and so on.

All Loom Basic Patterns

What type of Basic Patterns does Loom have? Currently, for Java Edition there are 34 Basic Patterns and for Bedrock, there are 32.  See all images below.

Note – All the Basic Patterns below are using White Banner and Black Dye.

1. Base Dexter Canton

Base Dexter Canton

2. Base Sinister Canton

Base Sinister Canton

3. Chief Dexter Canton

Chief Dexter Canton

4. Chief Sinister Canton

Chief Sinister Canton


5. Base Gradient

Base Gradient

6. Gradient


7. Base Indented

Base Indented

8. Chief Indented

Chief Indented

9. Base


10. Chief


11. Bend


12. Bend Sinister

Bend Sinister

13. Saltire


14. Bordure


15. Bordure Indented (As a Banner Pattern for Bedrock only)

Bordure Indented

16. Chevron


17. Inverted Chevron

Inverted Chevron

18. Cross


19. Fess



20. Pale


21. Pale Sinister

Pale Sinister

22. Pale Dexter

Pale Dexter

23. Per Bend

Per Bend

24. Per Bend Sinister

Per Bend Sinister

25. Per Bend Inverted

Per Bend Inverted

26. Per Bend Sinister Inverted

Per Bend Sinister Inverted

27. Per Fess

Per Fess

28. Per Fess Inverted

Per Fess Inverted

29. Per Pale

Per Pale

30. Per Pale Inverted

Per Pale Inverted

31. Paly


32. Roundel


33. Lozenge


34. Field Masoned (As a Banner Pattern for Bedrock only)

Field Masoned

All Banner Patterns

There is another slot on the Loom. It’s for the Banner Pattern. Banner Pattern is an item to make a special and unique pattern that can be applied to a Banner through Loom. 


By default, Loom can’t have these unique patterns. Depending on what kind of Banner Pattern players want to get, Banner Patterns have different ways to get. Here are all the Banner Patterns and how to get them:

Note – All the Banner Patterns below are using White Banner and Black Dye. 

All Banner Patterns

All Banner Patterns.

1. Thing

Crafting Thing Banner Pattern

Crafting Thing Banner Pattern.

The Thing is a Banner Pattern that shows an old Mojang Logo. Players can get it by crafting a Paper and an Enchanted Golden Apple.

2. Skull Charge

Crafting Skull Charge Banner Pattern

Crafting Skull Charge Banner Pattern.

Skull Charge shows a Skeleton head with 2 Bones. Players can use White Dye as a resemblance of Skeleton or Black Dye for Wither Skeleton. To get it, craft a Paper and a Wither Skeleton Head.

3. Flower Charge

Crafting Flower Charge Banner Pattern

Crafting Flower Charge Banner Pattern.

Flower Charge shows a Flower pattern. If you use Yellow or Orange Dye, it may look like a sun. In Minecraft Bedrock, a master-level Cartographer may offer Flower Charge to you. 

To get a Flower Charge Banner Pattern, you need a Paper and Oxeye Daisy.

4. Globe (Java Edition Only)

Globe Banner Pattern is only for Minecraft Java Edition. And the only way to get it is by trading with a master-level Cartographer for 8 Emeralds. 

Globe Banner Pattern shows a square-shaped earth pattern.

5. Creeper Charge

Crafting Creeper Charge Banner Pattern

Crafting Creeper Charge Banner Pattern.

Creeper Charge shows a Creeper face. You can get it by crafting a Paper with a Creeper Head.

6. Snout

Snout shows a Piglin snout(nose). You can’t get this Banner Pattern through crafting. Snout Banner Pattern only available inside the Bastion Remnant Chest.

7. Field Masoned (As a Banner Pattern for Bedrock only)

Crafting Field Masoned Banner Pattern

Crafting Field Masoned Banner Pattern.

Field Masoned shows a wall brick pattern. In Minecraft Java Edition, Field Masoned comes as a Basic Pattern that comes with Loom.

In Bedrock, it’s considered as a Banner Pattern. And to get it, players need to craft a Paper and a Brick Block.

8. Bordure Indented (As a Banner Pattern for Bedrock only)

Crafting Bordure Intended Banner Pattern

Crafting Bordure Intended Banner Pattern.

Bordure Indented shows a wave border around the Banner. Just like Field Masoned, In Minecraft Java Edition, Bordure Indented comes as a Basic Pattern that comes with Loom.


In Bedrock, it’s considered as a Banner Pattern.

To get Bordure Indented in Bedrock, craft a Paper and an Ivy.


  1. Basic Patterns, Patterns that come with the Loom.
  2. Banner Patterns, Special Patterns that come only from Banner Pattern items.
  3. Depending on your Minecraft Edition, Loom can have more or fewer Patterns. If you play on Java Edition of Minecraft, Field Masoned and Bordure Intended are included in the basic Pattern. While in Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, those two are part of the Banner Patterns.

How to Use Loom 

  1. Put a Banner into the Banner Slot. You can use any colors of Banners you want.
  2. Put a Dye into the Dye Slot. You also can use any colors of Dyes you want.
  3. Select a Basic Pattern you want to use. 
  4. Take the Banner.

See videos below:

Using Loom in Minecraft Java Edition.


Using Loom in Minecraft Bedrock.

You can combine other Patterns into the Banner by repeating the process.

You may ask “Is there a way to remove Pattern?”

Yes, you can remove Patterns from the top to bottom using Cauldron.


  1. You can also use Banner Pattern instead of the Basic Pattern by putting it into the Banner Pattern Slot.
  2. Make sure you pick the right colors. Don’t make your Patterns hard to see.

So that’s all the tutorials hope you get a better understanding of Loom in Minecraft. For more guides like this, see Tutorials and Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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