Today, you will learn Boots Enchantments in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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So, here are the Boots Enchantments.

Blast Protection

Boots Blast Protection Enchantment

Boots Blast Protection Enchantment.

Blast Protection reduces the damage you get from an explosion. You usually get it from Creeper, Ghast, TNT, and Wither Boss.

HelmetChestplate, and Leggings can also have this Enchantment.

Blast Protection has levels from 1 – 4 and incompatible with Fire Protection, Projectile Protection, and Protection.

Curse of Binding

Boots Curse of Binding Enchantment

Boots Curse of Binding Enchantment.

Curse of Binding makes you unable to take off your Boots. You either must die or use it until the Boots’ durability runs out.


This Enchantment is considered a “curse” Enchantment. You surely don’t want to have this Enchantment for your Boots.

Curse of Binding only has 1 level and compatible with other Enchantments.

Curse of Vanishing

Boots Curse of Vanishing Enchantment

Boots Curse of Vanishing Enchantment.

The Curse of Vanishing makes your Boots disappear instead of floating on the ground when you die. 

This Enchantment is also a “curse” Enchantment you don’t want to have.

Curse of Vanishing has only 1 level and compatible with other Enchantments.

Depth Strider

Boots Depth Strider Enchantment

Boots Depth Strider Enchantment.

Depth Strider speeds up your underwater movement. By using Depth Strider, you can swim and move much faster.

At level 3 you can move as fast as you would on land.

Depth Strider has levels from 1 – 3 and incompatible with Frost Walker.

Feather Falling

Boots Feather Falling Enchantment

Boots Feather Falling Enchantment.

Feather Falling reduces the damage you got from falling. What makes it worth, is that Feather Falling compatible with other Enchantments. Usually, protection Enchantments are not compatible with each other.


Feather Falling also reduces the damage you get from teleporting using Ender Pearl.

Feather Falling has levels from 1 – 4 and compatible with other Enchantments.

Fire Protection

Boots Fire Protection Enchantment

Boots Fire Protection Enchantment.

Fire Protection reduces the damage you get from fire, and it also reduces the burn time. But this doesn’t mean you can swim freely in hot lava. 

You can effectively fight inside the Nether using this Enchantment.

Helmet, Chestplate, and Leggings can also have this Enchantment.

Fire Protection has levels from 1 – 4 and incompatible with Blast Protection, Projectile Protection, and Protection.

Frost Walker

Boots Frost Walker Enchantment

Boots Frost Walker Enchantment.

Frost Walker lets you turn Water into Ice by simply walking over it. Pretty cool right? but, there are some things you should know:

  1. The Ice will last for about 4-3 seconds. So you need to walk to solid blocks or walk faster (without jumping) before the Ice breaks.
  2. It only works when you’re walking over the Water. So if you fall into the water below you, you can’t make Ice until you’re at the top of Water.
  3. At the night, where there is no sun, the Ice melts a little bit longer.
  4. By wearing Frost Walker Enchanted Boots you’re immune to Magma Block and Campfire damage.
  5. In Minecraft Bedrock, if a Fox holds Frost Walker Enchanted Boots, it will get the power too.

Frost Walker is the opposite of Curse Enchantment. It’s a Treasure Enchantment, just like Mending. 


Players can’t get this Enchantment directly from the Enchanting Table. Instead, players can get it from Chest, Fishing, Raid Drop Loot, or Trading.

Frost Walker has levels from 1 – 2 and incompatible with Depth Strider.


Boots Mending Enchantment

Boots Mending Enchantment.

Mending allows you to repair your Boots using XP you collected. You either need to wear the Boots or hold them while collecting the XP.

Other enchantable items can have this Enchantment too.

Just like Frost Walker, Mending is also a Treasure Enchantment.

Mending has only 1 level and incompatible with Infinity (Bow’s Enchantment).

Projectile Protection

Boots Projectile Protection Enchantment

Boots Projectile Protection Enchantment.

Projectile Protection reduces the damage you get from projectile attacks. The most common mobs that attack using projectile are Skeletons, Strays, and Ghasts.

Helmet, Chestplate, and Leggings can also have this Enchantment.

Projectile Protection has levels from 1 – 4 and incompatible with Blast Protection, Fire Protection, and Protection.


Boots Protection Enchantment

Boots Protection Enchantment.

Protection reduces most of the damage you get, whether it’s from the projectile, explosion, fire attacks, or damage you usually get.

Although Protection covers up those damages, the actual Enchantment for those individual damage performs better/more effectively than Protection.


Helmet (including Turtle Helmet), Chestplate, and Leggings can also have Protection.

Protection has levels from 1 – 4 and incompatible with Blast Protection, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection.

Soul Speed

Boots Soul Speed Enchantment

Boots Soul Speed Enchantment.

Soul Speed increases movement speed when you walk on Soul Sand and Soul Soil. Not only that, but it also removes the slow speed effect when you walk on Soul Sand.

That means you will walk very fast on Soul Sand (and Soul Soil) using Soul Speed.

Soul Particle

Soul Speed little animation when you walk on Soul Sand.

When you walk on Soul Sand using Soul Speed, some little animations are coming from the Soul Sand. It looks like Souls being freed from the Soul Sand. It’s kinda creepy if you think about it.

Soul Speed is also considered as Treasure Enchantment. Unlike any other Treasure Enchantments, Soul Speed can only be obtained from the Nether, either by find it inside the Bastion Remnant Chest or Trade it from Piglin

Soul Speed has levels from 1 – 3 and compatible with other Enchantments.


Boots Thorns Enchantment

Boots Thorns Enchantment.

Thorns damage the attacker who attacks you. But, there is a drawback, the Boots’ durability is affected by this. The Boots’ durability is reduced whenever Thorns performs.

You can’t get this Enchantment directly from the Enchanting Table. You only can get it from Enchanted Books. The reason is that Thorns is mainly for Chestplate.

Thorns have levels from 1 – 3 and compatible with other Enchantments.


Boots Unbreaking Enchantment

Boots Unbreaking Enchantment.

Unbreaking increases the Boots’ durability. Any other enchantable item can also have Unbreaking. 

Unbreaking has levels from 1 – 3 and compatible with other Enchantments.

Which Boots Enchantments Should You Pick?

All Boots Enchantments

All Boots Enchantments.

Choosing the Enchantment for Boots is a bit complicated than choosing Enchantments for tools or weapons. The reason is that Boots is part of Armor, and 1 set of Armor consists of the Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots themselves. 

Another reason is that Boots have so many Enchantments to choose from. Most of these Enchantments need to match your gameplay style.


Alright, let’s go with Protection Enchantments first. 

Use Protection Enchantment. I think it’s a great idea to use Protection Enchantment for all your Armor sets. It is less complicated. Also, use Feather Falling. Unlike other Protection Enchantments, Feather Falling is compatible with all Enchantments. 

Do not use Thorns. Even though it attacks the attacker, using Thorns also means sacrificing durability when you get hit. It makes your Boots not durable. By the way, attacking mobs in Minecraft isn’t that hard.

Having both Mending (If you don’t mind give XP for your Boots) and Unbreaking is a great idea. It’s 100% recommended. You surely want your Boots still durable for the long term.

Now, for the Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Soul Speed. 

As you know, Depth Strider and Frost Walker are incompatible. If you ask me, I would go for Frost Walker. I mean, who wants to move faster on Water when you could turn it into Ice and walk on it?

I’m not saying that Depth Strider isn’t important, if you do most of your stuff on Water or underwater, that’s completely fine.


Last but not least, Soul Speed. 

I think Soul Speed is an important Enchantment, especially if you go to the Nether often. But obtaining Soul Speed is kinda risky though.

So, to sum it up, here are the Enchantments that I think you should pick for your Boots:

Protection + Feather Falling + Mending + Unbreaking + Frost Walker + Soul Speed

Finding those Enchantments might be hard for you, so here are my tips:

  1. Before you enchant your Boots, make sure the Enchanting Table is fully optimized (properly surrounded by Bookshelves).
  2. Try to enchant books instead. Books give you more Enchantments to choose from.
  3. Try XP farming in Dungeon or Nether Fortress. 
  4. Try Mine Nether Quartz. It has many XP compared to ore blocks.
  5. Explore your Minecraft World. Not only will you discover new items, new areas, and new structures, you might have a chance to find rare enchantments too.

Keep in mind, that all this just my suggestion to pick Enchantments that I think great for Boots. You can still select Boots Enchantments the way you want. It’s up to you.

I hope this post helps you to understand Boots Enchantments. For more guides like this, see Item Enchantments Guide. Thank you for reading the article.

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