How to Craft and Use Cartography Table in Minecraft

Today, you will learn how to craft and use Cartography Table in Minecraft. Be sure to read the Map Guides and Type of Maps get a better understanding.

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Cartography Table Overview

Cartography Table

Cartography Table is 1 of the 13 job site blocks that Villager used to work. A villager who works with Cartography Table is called Cartographer. You can always find Cartography Table inside Cartographer’s house.

If an unemployed/jobless villager stands near a Cartography Table, it will become a Cartographer.

You can use Cartography Table to expand, clone, lock maps

How to a Craft Cartography Table

Crafting Cartography Table

To craft a Cartography Table, you need 2 Paper and 4 Wood Planks (you can use any types of Wood Planks to make Cartography Table).

How to Expand (Zoom Out) a Map using Cartography Table 

Expanding Maps using Cartography Table
Left: Java | Right: Bedrock

By default, Map has coverage limits. You can use Cartography Table you can use to expand Map’s coverage. So, you get better visuals of your Minecraft World.

To expand a Map, you need to put your Map into the first slot and a Paper in the second slot. In Java Edition, you can see your Map’s preview in the Cartography Table UI.

Every time you expand your Map, it also increases its level. The level here means how many times you can expand your Map. You can expand up to 4 times for normal Maps or Locator Maps.

Level of Maps bedrock
All Levels of Map (Bedrock)
Levels of Map java
All Levels of Map (Java)

Note: If you expand an Explorer Map, the water pattern will disappear.

How to Clone (Copy) a Map using Cartography Table

Cloning Maps using Cartography Table
Left: Java | Right: Bedrock

Cartography Table also can be used to clone/copy a Map. 

To do this, put your Map into the first slot and Empty Map (or Empty Locator Map if you play on Minecraft Bedrock) into the second slot.

Then, you can get your original Map and copied Map.

You can clone any types of Maps, even Locked Maps using Cartography Table.

Tip: You can also clone/copy Map trough Crafting Table (or by your hand). The method is no different than using Cartography Table. However, you can clone Maps more efficiently since it has more slots. See the animated image below if you’re confused.

Clone maps using crafting table

How to Lock a Map using Cartography Table

Locking maps using Cartography Table
Left: Java | Right: Bedrock

Locking makes your Map stay as it is. That means no matter how many changes you make in your Minecraft world Locked Maps won’t update it. And you can’t expand Locked Maps either.

To lock a Map, put your Map into the first slot and put Glass Pane into the second slot.

Note: You can’t use colored Glass Pane to lock a Map.

Any types of Maps can be locked using the Cartography Table.

How to Rename a Map using Cartography Table (Bedrock Edition Only)

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Cartography Table has a Name Box in it. You can store a name into it, and it doesn’t cost XP like Anvil.

To do this, put your Map into the fist slot, click the Name Box,  and give it a name/new name. Remember, you can also lock, expand, or even clone your Map while changing its name at the same time.

Adition: In Minecraft Bedrock, you can also make Locator Map using Cartography Table. The method is simple, just put Empty Map in the first slot and Compass in the second slot.

So, that’s pretty much anything about Cartography Table in Minecraft. If you confused, I suggest you read it twice.

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