In today’s post, you will learn about different types of Maps in Minecraft. You can use the Table of Contents above to navigate quickly.

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So, Here are Maps in Minecraft

1. Empty Map

Minecraft Empty Map

The Empty Map.

Empty Map is just a blank Map that the player doesn’t use yet. You can use the Empty Map to clone any Map using Cartography Table or Crafting Table. 

A used Empty Map will become a “Drawn” Map.


2. Empty Locator Map (Bedrock Only)

Minecraft Empty Map

The Empty Locator Map.

Empty Locator Map is just the same as an ordinary Empty Map. But this type of Map only available for Minecraft Bedrock. 

Empty Locator Map will become a Locator Map if you use it. You will learn about the Locator Map in just a sec.

3. “Drawn” Map 

Maps Minecraft

Top: Java | Bottom: Bedrock

“Drawn” Map (normal Map) is a Map that you get from using an Empty Map. In Java Edition of Minecraft, the “Drawn” Map has a tiny pointer in it, and Bedrock hasn’t. 

“Drawn” Map has coverage limits, you can increase its coverage using Cartography Table. You can expand it up to 4 levels.

All levels of Map | Right: Java | Left: Bedrock

“Drawn” Map also can be locked and cloned using Cartography Table. 

“Drawn” Map is just a used Empty Map. 

4. Locator Map (Bedrock Only)

Locator Map

The Locator Map.

Locator Maps is a Map that has a pointer in it. So, if you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock, it’s better to use Locator Map than the “Drawn” Map.

You can use Locator Map to create a mark on your Maps.

Just like the “Drawn” Map, you can clone, lock, and expand Locator Map, using Cartography Table.

Locator Map just a used Empty Locator Map.

5. Locked Map

Locked Maps Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Left: Java | Right: Bedrock

Locked Maps are “Drawn” or Locator Maps that would stay as it is. It won’t modify anything that has changed in its covered area. Normally, a Map will change its image (re-draw) whenever there were changes made to the terrain. Like when you have built a castle, your Map will show your castle. But the Locked Map doesn’t.


Locked Maps in Bedrock have better texture compared to the Java version. It looks like the Map covered in Glass.

You also can’t expand Locked Maps. It stays the way it was locked. But you still can clone it, though.

6. Explorer Maps

Explorer Maps are Maps that are used to find generated structures. This type of Map always has a pointer and water pattern in it. There are 3 Explorer Maps in Minecraft you can get:

Woodland Explorer Map

Woodland Explorer Maps Minecraft

Top: Java | Bottom: Bedrock

Woodland Explorer Map is an Explorer Map that is made for finding Woodland Mansion. You can get this Map by Trading with Cartographer. 

Ocean Explorer Map

Ocean Explorer Maps Minecraft

Top: Java | Bottom: Bedrock

Ocean Explorer Map is another Explorer Map that is made for finding Ocean Monument. To get this Map, you also need to Trade it from Cartographer.


Treasure Map

Treasure Maps Minecraft

Top: Java | Bottom: Bedrock

Treasure Map or Buried Treasure Map is an Explorer Map that is made for finding Buried Treasure. Unlike Ocean and Woodland Explorer Map, you can’t trade this Map from Cartographer. 

You can find Treasure Map or Buried Treasure Map inside Shipwreck’s Chest or Ocean Ruin’s Chest.

I hope this post helps you to understand Maps in Minecraft. For more guides like this, see Tutorials and Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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