Today, you will learn about Donkey in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Minecraft Donkey Head

The Donkey.

Donkey Overview

Donkeys in the Plains

Donkeys in the Plains.

Donkey is a passive mob that can be tamed and ridden by the players. Donkeys usually spawn in herds in the Plains or Savanna biome and, they usually roam around, eat, and making noises. Sometimes you can find a Donkey with its baby in the Plains or Savannah. Donkeys are similar to Horses, but there are some differences. 

  1. Donkeys can carry a Chest. So, you can use Donkeys to travel without worrying about low inventory.
  2. Donkeys cannot use Armor, unlike Horses, which can use Leather, Iron, Golden, and Diamond Horse Armor.

Not every Donkey you found has the same health, movement speed, and jump strength. 

Setup a Donkey in Minecraft

A Donkey equipped with Saddle and Chest, and tied to a Fence.

A Donkey equipped with Saddle and Chest, and tied to a Fence.

1. Taming a Donkey

An angry Donkey.

An angry Donkey.

To tame a Donkey, you need to mount it. To mount a Donkey, do not hold any item in your hand, then right-click. If you play on mobile, go near the Donkey, your hand also must be empty. The “Mount” button will show up, then click it.


Just like taming Horses, Donkeys also can buck you off several times before tamed by you. If you are getting bucked off several times, keep doing it until the Donkey got tamed.

There are two things to know whether a Donkey is already tamed or not:

1. The Donkey will not buck you off out of his back anymore.

2. You can open its equipment menu.

2. Give a Saddle and Chest to Donkey

Before you can use your tamed Donkey, you need to equip it with a Saddle to be able to control it. And also, use Chest to the Donkey to maximize its usage.

Donkey Equipment Menu Java and Bedrock

Donkey Equipment Menu Java(left) Bedrock(right).

Press E to show up its equipment menu. Place the Saddle into the Saddle Slot to equip the Saddle. To equip Chest, Right-click while holding a Chest to the Donkey. If you play on mobile and want to equip the Chest, go near the tamed Donkey and click the “Attach Chest” button.


3. Use Lead to The Donkey

You can use Lead to a Donkey and tied it to a Fence so the Donkey won’t wander away.

To use Lead, right-click the tamed Donkey. If you play on mobile, go near the Donkey, wait until the “Leash” button shows up, then click it.

How to Breed Donkeys

Breeding Donkeys with Golden Carrot

Breeding Donkeys with Golden Carrot.

To breed two Donkeys, you need Golden Apples or Golden Carrots and, both Donkeys must be tamed. Feed every single of them, and you got a baby Donkey.


You can also crossbreed a Donkey and a Horse using the same items. You will get a Mule if you breed them. A Mule is similar to a Donkey, but the differences are the Mule has a different texture, cannot be bred with another Donkey or Horse, and it does not naturally spawn.

Hope this guide helps you to know better Donkey in Minecraft. For more guides like this, see Mob Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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