Today, you will learn Everything about Phantom in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Phantom Head Minecraft

The Phantom.

Phantom Overview

Phantom flying

The Phantom.

Phantoms are the hostile mob that flies and have green eyes that glow-in-the-dark. Once this mob spawned, this mob will fly around in a circle before launch its attack.


Phantoms will swoop down to attack the player, once Phantoms swoop down, it is difficult to dodge, and you will likely get a hit unless you hit it first. Phantoms burn in sunlight, just like Zombies and Skeletons.

For some reason, the Wither will not attack Phantoms. Phantoms are afraid of Cats and Ocelots.

Phantom’s Stats

phantom flying in the night sky

A Phantom flying around.

Phantom HP (Hit Point) or health is 20 (ten Hearts)

Phantom damage (without wearing armor) based on the difficulty setting (Java Edition):

  • Easy2 (one Heart)
  • Normal2 (one Heart)
  • Hard3 (one and a half Heart)

Phantom damage (without wearing armor) based on the difficulty setting (Bedrock Edition):

  • Easy4 (two Hearts)
  • Normal6 (three Hearts)
  • Hard9 (four and a half Hearts)

Phantom Drop Item

Phantom Membrane

The Phantom Membrane.

Phantom has a chance to drop a Phantom Membrane. An item to repair Elytra (using Anvil) or to make Potion of Slow Falling. You can increase the odds of getting a Phantom Membrane or multiply the drops from Phantom by using Looting Enchantment for Sword.

Repairing Elytra and Brewing Potion of Slow Falling using Phantom Membrane

Phantom Membrane usage.

Where, When, and Why Phantom Spawn

Phantom flying around the Village

A Village surrounded by Phantoms.

Phantom in Minecraft only spawns if the player is not taking sleep for 3 (or more) days in the game. Phantom spawn above the player at night (especially if the player is outdoor). Usually, the player will get attack first before knowing that the Phantoms have already spawned.

Tips for Fighting Phantom

Phantom flies away from Cats

Phantom flies away from Cats.

Bring a Cat or Ocelot with you. Phantoms will not go near a Cat or Ocelot because they are afraid of them. But if you do not have a Cat or Ocelot, stay indoors if you can. Or try to find some Cave or Tree if you are on the outside. 


Try to attack Phantoms when they are about to attack you. If you successfully attacked them, they will back off and try another attack (you will not get any damage if you attack first). Also, use a Shield to protect you, and the obvious tip is to use stronger weapons and Armor.

I hope this little guide can help you understand the Phantom in Minecraft.  For more guides like this, see Mob Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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