Sword is a weapon that most Minecraft players use. In today’s post, you will learn every single Sword enchantment and tips, which you should pick.

So, Here Are The Sword Enchantments

Bane of Arthropods

What this enchantment does is to increase the damage of your Sword (or ax) when you attack the arthropod mobs. Arthropod mobs are mobs that have jointed legs such as bees, cave spiders, spiders, endermite, and silverfish.
Bane of Arthropods has levels from 1 – 5. This enchantment is incompatible with Sharpness, and Smite enchantment.

Curse of Vanishing

This enchantment is not design for Swords or weapon items. Instead, every enchantable item can have with this enchantment. This enchantment is unobtainable through Enchanting Table. You can only find inside a Chest.

Curse of Vanishing has a negative effect or “curse” for your items. What it does is that your items will disappear, instead of dropping on the ground if you die

This enchantment only has one level.

Fire Aspect

This enchantment will make your target burned if you attacked them (unless you attack the nether mobs). You can get “instant” cooked meals from chickens, pigs, sheep, or cows if they get killed by burning using this. Fire Aspect has levels from 1 – 2 and compatible with any other enchantments.


Your attack will knock back the target. Knockback has levels from 1 – 2 and compatible with other enchantments.


This enchantment will increase the maximum dropped items from mobs and also increase the chance of rare items to drop. Looting has levels from 1 – 3 and compatible with any other enchantments.


You can repair (increase durability) your Sword using XP. You need to hold your Sword while collecting XP to make it work.
Just like Curse of Vanishing, you can’t get Mending through Enchanting Table. But there are other ways besides finding it from the Chest. You can get it from fishing or trade it from the Librarian.


Sharpness will increase the damage of your Sword (this will affect any mobs). It also can be equipped for Ax. This enchantment has levels from 1 – 5 and incompatible with Smite and Bane of Arthropods.


Smite increases the damage of your Sword. But only for undead mobs, this includes Zombies, Skeletons, Strays, Wither Boss, Wither Skeletons, Drowned, Husks, Zombified Piglins, Zombie Villagers, Phantoms, Skeleton Horses, Zombie Horses, and Zoglins.

Because it limited to undead mobs only, Smite has 2x more damage compared to Sharpness.
Smite has levels from 1 – 5 and incompatible with Sharpness and Bane of Arthropods.

Sweeping Edge (java edition only)

This enchantment increase damage to the sweeping attack. It has levels from 1 – 3. This enchantment is compatible with any other enchantments.


Unbreaking increases your Sword’s durability. Any other enchantable items can have Unbreaking. It has levels from 1 – 3 and compatible with other enchantments.

Which Enchantments Should You Pick?

Try to have all these:

Smite + Looting + Fire Aspect + Unbreaking + Knockback + Mending + Sweeping Edge (java edition only). With the maximum level of each enchantment and using the Netherite Sword.

The hardest part is to find individual enchantment at a high level. It ridiculously hard and requires tons of XP. So here are my tips:

  • Before you enchant your Sword, make sure the Enchanting Table is fully optimized (properly surrounded by bookshelves).
  • Try to enchant books instead. Books give you many more enchantments and it also more flexible.
  • Try XP farming (try dungeons). You need a lot of XP to get those enchantments.

If you had to choose between Sharpness and Smite, choose Smite. Even though Smite is limited for undead mobs only, it performs better than Sharpness because it has more damage. Besides, most of the hostile mobs are undead.

Also, don’t forget about Looting, you will need it to get rare items such as Wither Skeleton Head. It makes your survival easier.

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