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Fox Head Minecraft

The Fox.

Fox Overview

Fox Minecraft

Fox is a tamable mob that is added to Minecraft 1.14 (Java) and 1.13 (Bedrock). 

It only spawns in the Taiga, Snowy Taiga, and Giant Tree Taiga.

Sometimes when you meet them in the wild, they will hold an item (the item include: Rabbit Foot, Wheat, Feather, Egg, Leather, Rabbit Hide, and even Emerald) in their mouth.

Wild Foxes will run away from you if you try to get close to them (unless you’re sneaking). Fox cannot get the effect from sweet berry bushes if they walk through them (which will slow the player down and hurt the player).

Sleeping Fox

Fox is nocturnal, which means they tend to sleep during the day and active during the night (Fox prefers the darker area to sleep during the day they usually sleep under a tree). Sometimes Fox sits when they cannot find a place to sleep during the day.

If Fox saw a chicken, rabbit, cod, salmon, tropical fish, or baby turtle, the Fox will kill it and hold the dropped item in their mouth (Fox prefer edible items, except cake).

Fox holding Cooked Chicken in its mouth

If there is an item near a Fox, the Fox will hold that item in its mouth, and if that item is a food item, the Fox will eventually eat it.

They usually do jumping attacks to kill their prey, and if they do it on the snowy biome, they will temporarily be stuck in the snow.

Fox is vulnerable in the wild. Their predators are wild Wolves and Polar Bears. They will attack if Fox is nearby them.

How to Tame a Fox

2 Foxes sitting

Unlike any other tamable mobs, you cannot tame Fox using items. Instead, you have to breed 2 Foxes using Sweet Berries and take their baby (you can use lead to take it away). And the baby will no longer run away from you.

Use a Lead to tamed Fox whenever you go because tamed Fox will not follow you (you cannot make tamed Fox sit either). But they will protect you if you get attacked.

Fox Subspecies

Red Fox and Arctic Fox sitting together

In Minecraft, there are 2 Fox variants, Red Fox and the Arctic Fox. These two Foxes are the same, except for their behavior when they try to kill their prey.

Red Fox would prefer land prey such as Chicken, Rabbit, and Baby Turtle. Arctic Fox prefers to kill Fishes like Salmon, Cod, and Tropical Fish.

How to Breed 2 Foxes

Sweet Berry Bushes

To breed 2 Foxes, you need Sweet Berries (there are plenty of them in the Taiga biome). Just feed them by clicking each Fox while holding the Sweet Berries (PC) or press the Breed button if you play on Mobile.

I hope this post helps you to understand about Fox in Minecraft. Be sure to check other Mobs Guides

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