Today, you will learn Trident Enchantment in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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So, Let’s Jump Right Into Trident Enchantments


Trident Channeling Enchantment

Trident Channeling Enchantment.

This Enchantment is super cool. What this does is struck a lightning bolt right to the target mob (It only works during a thunderstorm, and the target mob must on outside and not in the water). You must use a ranged attack (throw) to make it work.


You can easily get mobs head by striking lighting into a Creeper and let Charged Creeper explode near Zombies or Skeletons.

Certain mobs will “change” whenever they get struck by lightning, for example, if a Villager is struck by lightning it will become a Witch.

Channeling only has 1 level and incompatible with Riptide.

Curse of Vanishing

Trident Curse of Vanishing Enchantment

Trident Curse of Vanishing Enchantment.

This Enchantment is not designed for Trident only. Instead, every enchantable item has this Enchantment.

Unlike any other Enchantment, you can’t get this Enchantment from the Enchanting Table. Instead, you only can find it inside a Chest. This Enchantment has a negative effect or “Curse” on your items.


What it does is that your items will disappear instead of dropping on the ground if you die.

Curse of Vanishing is compatible with other Enchantments and only has 1 level.


Trident Impaling Enchantment

Trident Impaling Enchantment.

Impaling has a different effect based on your edition of Minecraft.

If you’re using Java Edition then it will increase your Trident’s damage (melee and ranged) to any Aquatic mobs such as Dolphins, Guardians, Elder Guardians, Squid, Turtles, and any type of Fishes.

On the other hand, if you use a Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, the damage of your Trident (melee and ranged) will increase to any mobs in water or during rain.

Impaling has levels 1 – 5 and it’s compatible with any other Enchantments.


Trident Loyalty Enchantment

Trident Loyalty Enchantment.

This Enchantment will make your Trident return to you after being thrown. So you don’t have to pick up your Trident anymore.

Loyalty has levels from 1 – 3 and incompatible with Riptide.


Trident Mending Enchantment

Trident Mending Enchantment.

Every collected XP will be stored in your Trident to increase its durability. You need to hold your Trident while collecting the XP to make it work. 


Just like the Curse of Vanishing, you can’t get directly from the Enchanting Table. But you got other options: you can get it from Chest, fishing, or trade from the Librarian.

Mending only has 1 level and incompatible with Infinite (Bow’s Enchantment).


Trident Riptide Enchantment

Trident Riptide Enchantment.

What this Enchantment does is launch you in the direction when you throw the Trident. This Enchantment only works during rain or underwater.

You can “fly” during rain by launching yourself into the air (but be careful,  it can be dangerous). It also can be used for fast transportation underwater.

Riptide has levels from 1 – 3 and incompatible with Loyalty and Channeling.


Trident Unbreaking Enchantment

Trident Unbreaking Enchantment.

This Enchantment will increase the durability of an item. Unbreaking has levels from 1 – 3 and compatible with other Enchantments.

Which Trident Enchantments should you pick?

All Trident Enchantments

All Trident Enchantments.

Channeling + Loyalty + Impaling +Unbreaking + Mending (at the maximum level of each Enchantment).

You don’t need Riptide for most cases, the most important Enchantments are Unbreaking, Loyalty, and Impaling.

With Loyalty, you can easily kill mobs, increase your Trident flexibility, and saving your time.

Unbreaking and Mending are also good since Trident durability is the same as the iron Sword and the damage is greater than the Diamond Sword you should make sure that your Trident is in good shape after the long-run.


Impaling is important too. Especially if you use the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, you can almost kill every mob with a single hit during the rain with an Impaling level at 5. You will be so powerful with it.

Obtaining those Enchantments can be tough and required a lot of times, so here are my tips:

  1. Before you enchant your Trident, make sure the Enchanting Table is fully optimized (properly surrounded by Bookshelves).
  2. Try to enchant books instead. Books give you more Enchantments to choose from.
  3. Try XP farming in Dungeon or Nether Fortress. 
  4. Try Mine Nether Quartz. It has many XP compared to ore blocks.

Keep in mind, that all this just my suggestion to pick Enchantments that I think great for Trident. You can still select Trident Enchantments the way you want. It’s up to you.

So, that’s all the Trident Enchantments in Minecraft. For more guides like this, see Item Enchantments Guide. Thank you for reading the article.

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