In today’s post, I will talk about everything you need to know about this annoying hostile mob, the witch in Minecraft.

Witch Overview

witch minecraftWitches are the hostile mob that throws harmful potions (this includes splash potion of slowness, poison, weakness, or even harming) to attack the player.

Witches are dangerous. They can deal very much damage to the player and even weaken the player. Witches can heal themself if they got hurt too, this would make witch tougher. They usually throw splash potion of slowness to the player (so they can chase the player easily) and then throw potion of poison, which will be severe if the player doesn’t run immediately.

Sometimes they can even throw splash potion of weakness (to weaken the player’s melee damage) or splash potion of harming to deal with instant damage.

Witches spawn in dark places especially during the night, just like zombies and skeletons.

Witches have their own “house”/generated structures called “the witch hut” and they spawn in it too. Witch hut only generated in the swamp biome. On the inside, you can found a black cat, the witch itself, a crafting table, and a cauldron (it may be generated with a potion in it).

Witches also can spawn in a raid, in java edition of Minecraft, witch will be spawn on wave 3. On the other hand, in bedrock edition of Minecraft witch will spawn on wave 4. If a villager (or baby villager) got struck by lightning, it will be transformed into a witch. Witches cannot be burned under sunlight.

Witch’s Stat

witchWitch HP (hit points) or health is 26 (13 hearts).

Witch’s damage (even if you wearing armor):

Splash potion of poison for 44 seconds. It cost you 1 (a half heart) per 1.25 second. But the effect would stop when your health is 1 (a half heart).

Splash potion of harming can deal 6 damage (3 hearts).

Since witch can heal itself the hits/attacks are varies based on how fast you attack the witch and what kind of weapon you use.

Witch Drop Items

Witches usually drop brewing-related items or even the potions, to get better drop items, try to use looting enchantment.
There are some chances that witch may drop these items:

Potion of fire resistance (rare)
Glass bottles
Potion of swiftness (rare)
Spider eye
Glowstone dust
Potion of healing (rare)
Potion of water breathing (rare)

Since witch has a different kind of drop item, many Minecraft players built a “witch farming machine” where you can farm witch automatically.

Tips For Fighting The Witch

Here some tips, to fight the witch:
1. Try to attack faster. Since the witch can’t attack while drinking a healing potion you can use that opportunity to attack.
2. Bring a bucket of milk with you. This is obvious, since you may be got slowed, poisoned. It’s important to get rid of those status effects. Note: The witch may throw you another splash potion again after you drink the milk, so be careful.
3. Use ranged weapon (this includes bow, crossbow, and trident), the witch won’t attack you if you attack it from distance. Make sure your attack fast enough to kill it, before the witch heals itself.
4. Use stronger weapon, of course with the stronger weapon you deal more damage. And try to enchant it too.

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