Saddles are an important item that every Minecraft players use, whether is for riding horse, donkey, pig or even strider the new mob. Since saddle isn’t craftable you need to find it manually. And in today’s post, I will show you where you can find or get the saddle in Minecraft.

So Here are Some Places Where You Can Find a Saddle

Note: All these places don’t guarantee that you will find saddle 100%

1. The Stronghold

stronghold's chestYou can find a saddle in the stronghold. Stronghold has some chest that has loots in it. And if you’re lucky you can find a saddle inside the chest. It is very rare to find a saddle in the stronghold. I suggest you try another place.

2. Village Weapon Smith

saddle inside blacksmith chestAnother way is to go to a village and try to find the weapon smith’s house (blacksmith). Inside the house, there is a chest that contains loots or even the saddle. Keep in mind that not every village has a blacksmith.

3. Village Tannery

saddle inside tannery chestAnother villager’s house that has a saddle is in a leatherworker’s house. This makes sense since leatherworkers working with leather and saddles are made of leather, there some chances you can find a saddle in it.
You can tell if it’s a leatherworker’s house by looking at the outside of the house. If it has cauldron on it, then it’s tannery’s house.

4. Jungle Temple

saddle inside jungle temple chestThere are some chances that the saddle will be inside the jungle temple’s chest. You just go inside the jungle temple and watch out the trap. And find the chest.

5. Desert Temple

desert temple chestDesert temple has saddle too in its chests. It has 4 chests in underground along with its TNT trap.

6. Nether Fortress

nether fortress chestThis is probably the place I recommend for you who wants to get the saddle. This place has a lot of chests. And some times you can even get multiple saddles.

7. End City

end city chestThe end city also the place where you can find a saddle. But it’s quite rare around there, just like the stronghold. You will likely found greater items like diamonds, ores, enchanted items, etc

Another Way to Get Saddle Without Visiting Those Places are:

Buy (trade) It from Leatherworker

trading a saddleTry to trade it using 6 emeralds. That cheap enough though. If you’re using the bedrock edition of Minecraft then, you must level up the leatherworker into master-level first, before you can trade the saddle.

Try Fishing

fishing saddle Not only you can get “garbage”, enchanted books, and random items. There some chances that you will get a saddle by fishing. Don’t give up.

Kill The Mobs That Equipped With a Saddle

a player fighting with ravagerThis has more chances of getting saddle. Here are mobs that usually equipped with a saddle (naturally):
1. Ravager. To meet ravager you need to start a raid. But before you start the raid, make sure you’re strong enough since you’re not only fighting ravager, you will also fight pillagers, evokers, and vindicators. So think twice!
2. Strider. Some strider may be spawned ridden by zombified piglin. If you kill it, it may drop a saddle.

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