Today, you will learn how to get and find Saddle in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Saddle Overview

A Minecraft Saddle

A Minecraft Saddle.

The Saddle is an equipment item for certain mobs. A mob that is equipped with Saddle can be ridden by the player (except Ravager). 

Mobs that can be equipped with Saddle are Pigs, Horse, Mule, Donkey, and Strider.

Since players cannot craft a Saddle, players need to get Saddle besides crafting it. So, how to get Saddle besides crafting?

1. Get It Inside a Chest

Saddle inside a Chest

Saddle inside a Chest.

The best way to obtain a Saddle is through Chest. Most of the Chest generated structures have a chance to contain a Saddle. Here are some places where Saddle can be found.


1. Village

Some Villager house’s Chest may contain a Saddle inside it. They include:

1.1 Weapon Smith’s House (Blacksmith)
Weaponsmith Chest

Blacksmith’s Chest.

Weapon Smith’s house has a Chest inside. If you are lucky, you may find a Saddle inside it. Weapon Smith works with Grindstone. Make sure you find Grindstone at his house.

1.2 Leatherworker’s House (Village Tannery)
Leatherworker Chest

Village Tannery Chest.

Leatherworker works with Leather, so it is no surprise that you might find Saddle inside its Chest. Leatherworker works with Cauldron. Make sure you find a Cauldron at his house.

1.3 Savannah Village House
Savannah Village Chest

Savannah Village Chest.

Some houses at the Savannah Village may have a Chest that contains Saddle. Maybe it because they ride Horses and Donkeys as their transportation? I don’t know. 

2. Stronghold

Stronghold (Altar) Chest

Stronghold (Altar) Chest.

Altar Chests at the Stronghold may contain a Saddle inside them. But it’s so rare to get one. I recommend you look at other generated structures.

3. Bastion Remant

Hoglin Stable Chest

Hoglin Stable Chest.

There is only 1 area where the Chest may contain a Saddle at Bastion Remant, the Hoglin Stable. Where Hoglin (and sometimes Piglins) walking around. But, before you go to this place, make sure you are strong enough. 

Bastion Remant is full of many hostile mobs, lava, and some trap (like Chest and Gold Blocks). Be sure to prepare.

4. End City

End City Chest

End City Chest.

At the End City, some Chest may have a Saddle inside them. But, it is quite rare to find it there. You will likely found enchanted items.


5. Jungle Temple

Jungle Temple Chest

Jungle Temple has a Chest that has some chance to contain a Saddle. But, you have to be careful with the trap inside.

6. Desert Temple

Desert Temple Chest

Desert Temple Chest.

The third-best generated structure to find a Saddle. Make sure you don’t activate the Stone Pressure Plate. 

7. Dungeon

Dungeon Chest

Chest inside Dungeon.

Dungeon sometimes has a Saddle inside its Chest. Luckily, most of the Dungeon has multiple Chests. Also, the Dungeon is the second-best generated structure to get a Saddle.

8. Nether Fortress

Nether Fortress Chest

Nether Fortress Chest.

The best-generated structure to find Saddle is Nether Fortress. The Chests are more likely to have a Saddle and sometimes multiple Saddles. And the Chests are everywhere in the corner.


You can use the seeds that this website provides to get those places real quick.

2. Trade It from Leatherworker

Trading Saddle with Emerald

Trading Saddle with Emerald | Minecraft Bedrock Edition

You can trade Saddle for 6 Emeralds from Leatherworker. That’s pretty cheap, though. Note: If you play Minecraft Bedrock, then you need to increase the Leatherworker to master level first before you can trade Saddle with him.

3. Fishing

Fishing Saddle

Got a Saddle from fishing.

Fishing has a chance to get a Saddle. Make sure you don’t give up. It’s the easiest and safest way to get a Saddle. You don’t need effort whatsoever.

4. Kill Mobs that Equipped with Saddle

Mobs equipped with saddle

Strider (with Piglin) | Ravager

Some mobs might spawn with Saddle equipped. If you kill them, they will drop the Saddle. The mobs are:

1. Ravager. To meet Ravager you need to start a Raid. But before you start the Raid, make sure you are strong enough since you are not only fighting Ravager, you will also fight Pillagers, Evokers, Witches, and Vindicators. So think twice!


2. Strider. Some Strider may be spawned ridden by Zombified Piglin. If you kill it, it might drop a Saddle.

I guess that all the tutorials on how to get Saddle in Minecraft. For more guides like this, see Tutorials and Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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