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Category: Pillager Outpost Seeds [Java]

Pillager Outpost Minecraft

Pillager Outpost Seeds for Java only. All seeds have been updated to 1.16 (Nether Update).

Pillager Outpost is a watchtower inhabits by Pillagers. Near the building sometimes there are some little structures: Iron Golem Prison, Training Dummies, a small Shelter with Crafting Table, or a pile of Dark Wood Logs. Pillager Outpost generates in the area where Village generates.

Woodland Mansion near swamp

Woodland Mansion, 2 Pillager Outpost, Village, and More

Woodland Mansion

Pillager Outpost near Village, Mansion, Mineshaft, and More

End Portal Minecraft

Stronghold, Pillager Outpost near Village, and More

Populated Desert Village

5 Dungeons, 2 Mineshafts, 2 Villages, Pillager Outpost and More

Ocean Ruins Minecraft

Ocean Ruins, Village, Dungeon, and Pillager Outpost

Pillager Outpost, Village, and Ruined Portal

Pillager Outpost, Ruined Portal, Village, and More

Buried Desert Temple

Buried Desert Temple, Ruined Portal, Pillager Outpost and More

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