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Abandoned Mineshaft Minecraft

Abandoned Mineshaft Seeds for Java only. All seeds have been updated to 1.16 (Nether Update).

Abandoned Mineshaft is large underground tunnel consist of Rails, Chest, Oak Planks, Oak Fence, Torch, Monster Spawner, and Cobweb. It’s the only place where you can meet Cave Spiders (they spawn using the Monster Spawner). Abandoned Mineshaft can be found anywhere at any Biome in Overworld.

Underwater Stronghold

Stronghold, 3 Shipwrecks, Ocean Ruins, Mineshaft, and Dungeons

Snow Village

2 Snow Villages, 2 Igloos, and Mineshaft

Mineshaft under Mushroom Island

Mineshaft under Mushroom Island, Ocean Monument, and More

Woodland Mansion and the moon

Woodland Mansion, Dungeon, Mineshaft, and More

Woodland Mansion near Mountains

Woodland Mansion, Witch Hut, Village, and More

Mushroom Island

Mushroom Field Shore near Spawn, Ocean Monument, 2 Shipwrecks, and More

Woodland Mansion

Pillager Outpost near Village, Mansion, Mineshaft, and More

Village near Roofed Forest

Mixed Biomes, 2 Villages, 2 Mineshafts, and 2 Igloos

Populated Desert Village

5 Dungeons, 2 Mineshafts, 2 Villages, Pillager Outpost and More

Mountain Village Minecraft

Village, 4 Mineshaft, and 2 Dungeons

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