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Village MinecraftVillage Seeds for Java only. All seeds have updated to 1.16 (Nether Update).

Mountain Village, Woodland Mansion, 2 Ruined Portals, and More

Ocean Monument near Taiga Village, 2 Shipwrecks, and More

Mushroom Island, Village, and 2 Ruined Portals

Pillager Outpost near Village, Mansion, Mineshaft, and More

Mixed Biomes, 2 Villages, 2 Mineshafts, and 2 Igloos

Stronghold, Pillager Outpost near Village, and More

5 Dungeons, 2 Mineshafts, 2 Villages, Pillager Outpost and More

Village, 4 Mineshaft, and 2 Dungeons

Beautiful Snow Village Near Snowy Mountains, Mineshaft, and Igloo

Mineshaft Right Under a Village and 3 Dungeons

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