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Category: Iceberg Seeds [Java]

Iceberg Minecraft

Iceberg Seeds for Java only. All seeds have been updated to 1.16 (Nether Update).

Iceberg is Natural Structures found in the Frozen Ocean. It consists of Packed Ice, Blue Ice, Ice, and sometimes with Snow on the top. The size of the Iceberg is vary depending on the Iceberg itself. Just like the real Iceberg, there is a large part of the Iceberg underneath the small portion.

Mushroom Island

2 Ocean Ruins, Mushroom Island, Shipwreck, and Ocean Monument

Mushroom Island near Iceberg

Mushroom Island, Village, and 2 Ruined Portals

Snow Village Minecraft

2 Adjacent Snow Villages, 2 Ruined Portals, Dungeon, and More

Shipwreck Minecraft

4 Shipwrecks, 2 Ocean Monuments, Ruined Portal, and More

Buried Desert Temple

Buried Desert Temple, Ruined Portal, Pillager Outpost and More

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