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Mushroom Island Minecraft

Mushroom Island/Fields for Java only. All seeds are currently for 1.16 (Nether Update).

Mushroom Island/Shore is a rare Biome made of Mycelium. In this Biome, there are no trees, instead, there are trees-like mushrooms everywhere. No other mob except Mooshroms spawn in this Biome. Mushroom Island/Shore is always located in the Ocean or adjacent to Ocean.

Big Mushroom Island

Big Mushroom Island Located Right Next to Spawn Point

Mushroom Island

Mushroom Island, Ocean Monument, 2 Shipwrecks, and More

Mushroom Island near Mountain and Taiga

Mushroom Island next to Mountain, 5 Shipwrecks, Ocean Monument, and More

Mushroom Island near Jungle

Mushroom Island ±300 Blocks Away from Spawn Point

Mushroom Island Minecraft

2 Snow Villages, Mushroom Island, Igloo, and Many More

Village near mountain minecraft

Village near Big Mountain, Mushroom Island, 2 Shipwrecks, and More

Mushroom Island

2 Ocean Ruins, Mushroom Island, Shipwreck, and Ocean Monument

Mineshaft under Mushroom Island

Mineshaft under Mushroom Island, Ocean Monument, and More

A Mushroom Island

Mushroom Island, Ruined Portal, and Ocean Ruins

Mushroom Island near Iceberg

Mushroom Island, Village, and 2 Ruined Portals

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