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Everything You Need to Know About Hoglin in Minecraft

Today, you will learn about Hoglin in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

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Hoglin Head

The Hoglin.

Hoglins Overview

A Hoglin.

An adult Hoglin.

Hoglins are hostile mobs found in Crimson Forest and sometimes in Bastion Remant in the Nether. They will attack the players by flinging them into the air. Despite live inside the Nether, Hoglins still can take damage from fire and lava.

Hoglin scared of Warped Fungi, Nether Portals, and Respawn Anchors.

A scared Hoglin.

Hoglins are scared of Warped Fungi, Nether Portals, and Respawn Anchors. They will flee if they saw one of them. 

Despite being hostile to the players, Hoglins are breedable. Crimson Fungi is the only item to breed them. Baby Hoglins also attack the players, but they can’t fling the players like the adult ones. If players attack the baby, it will flee. Hoglins also can be leased.


Just like Piglins and Zombiefied Piglins, Hoglins will attack if nearby Hoglin got an attack. If a Hoglin stays out of the Nether, it will become Zombiefied Hoglin.

The real purpose of Hoglins spawn in the Nether is to provide food for the players inside the Nether. Hoglins drop Raw Porkchop and Leather or Cooked Porkchop if they die while burning.

Hoglins have 40 health points (20 Hearts).

Tips That May Useful

1. Always bring Warped Fungi with you

Warped Fungus Placement

Warped Fungus Placements.

Since Hoglins are afraid of Warped Fungi, you can place Warped Fungi to keep you safe. But there is something you should know: you can only place Warped Fungi on Grass Block, Dirt, Coarse Dirt, Podzol, Farmland, Warped & Crimson Nylium, Mycelium, and Soul Soil.


2. Use Stronger Armor, Weapons, and Use a Shield

Crossbow, Netherite Sword, and Trident

Use Stronger Weapons.

Using stronger weapons and armor makes fighting with Hoglins easier. Shield also useful even though Hoglins can still fling you up. It still provides protection and covers the damage you get.

3. Use Lead and Fences to Make Hoglins Farm

Hoglins Farm

Hoglins Farm.

Since Hoglins provide a source of food inside the Nether, you might want to make a farm of it to produce food. There are things you should know: 

  1. Hoglins still can attack you even if they’re behind the Fence or Wall. 
  2. Hoglins that scared won’t breed. Suppose you have 2 Hoglins surrounded by Fences or Walls. Inside it, you put the Warped Fungi. They won’t attack you but, they will panic and don’t want to eat with Crimson Fungi you hold.

So, what is the best solution? Use Lead and Fence, and make sure they’re far from Warped Fungi, Nether Portals, and Respawn Anchors. A Hoglin that tied into a Fence can’t attack you and still can be bred.  

Also, make sure you place some Soul Fire items near your farm. Since Piglins in a large group may hunt your Hoglins.

So, that’s all the guides about Hoglin in Minecraft. Be sure to check other mob guides. For more guides like this, see Mob Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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  1. Rajan Iyer

    How come when me and my friend played minecraft the hoglin wasn’t scared of the nether portal. It came right next to it and attacked us

    • Dex

      Must’ve been a bug I guess. If I may know, what Minecraft Edition you play with your friend?
      I suggest you update your Minecraft to the latest version.
      Btw, The Hoglins are scared of Nether Portal (the purple thin animated blocks in the middle of the portal), not the Obsidians that build it.

      Hope your Minecraft works perfectly in the future.

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