Today, you will learn Potion in Minecraft. You can use the table of contents above to navigate quickly.

This guide is related to Potions. I recommend you to check 2 other related guides, the Potion Brewing Guides and Brewing Stand Guide.

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Potion Overview

an opened Minecraft Potion

A Minecraft Potion.

Potions are usable items that can be used to apply a particular effect for a limited time. There are a couple of different ways to obtain Potions in Minecraft: 

  1. Brew Potion with Brewing Stand.
  2. Fishing.
  3. Trade with Piglins in the Nether.
  4. Kill Witches or Wandering Trader.
  5. Enter the End Ship.
  6. Go inside the Igloo Chamber Room.
  7. inside the Buried Treasure Chest.
  8. Cauldron inside the Witch Hut (Bedrock Only).

Although there are numerous ways to obtain Potions, the genuine way to get Potion is by making it through Brewing Stand. The Brewing Stand can upgrade the Potion’s effect or extend its duration.


Upgraded Potion means that the effects will get powerful than before. Effects in Potion have levels. The higher the level is, the stronger the effect.

There are 16 different effects Potion can have. Each Potion requires a particular item to make. 

The Potion can have either positive effects like Healing and Regeneration. Or negative effects like Poison or Harming. 

Milk can remove any Potion effects (whether it’s negative or positive).

Types of Potions

The Potion has variation too. This variation makes Potion effects usable in different ways.

1. The Basic Potion

Alex Drinking a Potion

Alex Drinking a Potion.

Basic Potion requires players to drink the Potion to get the effect. The effect cannot be shared with other players or mob. Once the player drank the Potion, the Potion becomes an Empty Bottle.

2. Splash Potion

Throwing Splash Potion

Throwing a Splash Potion.

Splash Potion makes the Potion flexible. Instead of drink the Potion, Splash Potion lets the player throw the Potion to mobs, other players, or the player itself to get the effect. Once the Splash Potion threw, the effects will be shared if there are adjacent mobs or players.


3. Lingering Potion

Throwing Lingering Potion

Throwing a Lingering Potion.

Lingering Potion is almost the same as Splash Potion. The player also needs to throw it to get the effect. What makes it different is that the effect will stay where the Lingering Potion is thrown for up to 30 seconds. The area would have a cluster of particle effects. Any mobs or players that in the particle or passing through the particle effects will get the Potion’s effect.

Base Potions

Minecraft Base Potions

3 Base Potions.

Base Potions are the very first Potion with no effects used later for making Potions. They require Brewing Stand to make. There are 3 types of Base Potions:

  1. Awkward Potion. Used for all Potions.
  2. Mundane Potion. Useless Potion. But in Minecraft Bedrock, Mundane Potion can be used to make Potion of Weakness.
  3. Thick Potion. Another useless Potion.

When brewing a Potion, the player needs to make an Awkward Potion from the Brewing Stand. This can be achieved by putting Netherwart and Water Bottles. 


The only true Base Potion is Awkward Potion since all Potions using it. Without it, there won’t be any brewable Potion. 

Base Potion has the same color as the Water Bottle, which can make players confuse. So make sure to check the name first.

So that was the Minecraft Potion Guide, For more guides like this, see Tutorials and Guides or, you may also interested in Potion Brewing Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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